Stopping the Run!

Last year there were just some games where we got road housed! Because we couldn’t stop the run. Out of all of us in the DEN I saw the least of amount of game action. So please tell me - - how come we could not stop the run?

DL getting blown off the line? Thereby opening up huge holes that the LBers were not filling? Or just a talent thing where we could not catch the QBs breaking to the outside?

Where did we fail? What was the weak link? And most important - -


My gut says a monster DT is the answer. Problems and all, I say J Carter, but maybe the highest rated MLBer?

Talk to me Goose! Thank you.

Draft Keanu Benton and Jack campbell both in round 2, and sign CGJ and Cam Sutton in UFA


Clearly it is because we canned Matt Patricia and Quinn. Rocket Scientist had the perfect way to stop opponents from running:
1 - trade your pro-bowl corner (Slay) and Safety (Diggs)
2 - replace pro-bowl corner with Teez Tabor and Saftey with an UDFA
3 - Draft the slowest linebacker you can find 2 rounds higher than he should go.
4- rush 3 down lineman on 75% of plays
Result - The opponent stops running. I don’t understand how people can’t see the genius in that.

Genius! Explains why Patricia held teams to 2100 yards rushing in 2020. lol really stuffed the run all season

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  1. Injuries early season (we got better at it late season)
    -Got healthier…got better.
  2. Switches from a more attacking style 4 man front to a 3 man front, which we have better personnel for.
  3. Young guys getting more experience
  4. Cominskey & Boggs really helped along the defensive front.

Yes - our line was getting beaten up - in need of help at defensive tackle.

this statement brings a tear to my eye. Just beautiful.

Just gotta trust Holmes, man. We need that dominant defensive tackle

yes - in all seriousness I believe this is key. If did not do anything this offseason more than adding a run stopping DT and a CB we would be light years ahead of a very good 2022 seaons.

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He’s coming home!!

Ndamukong Suh Celebration GIF by Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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1000% agree.
Defensive Tackle is #1 way to improve our team by the wisest margin…by a mile.

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Might be a good short term move. I’m all for it if they take that route.

I’m sure it won’t be I can dream. Every team he joins recently goes straight to the super bowl. Rams, Bucs and Eagles.

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yep, a guy like Benton or Mazi in the 2nd. And maybe even another big guy like Clark in the 5th if he is still available.
Not quite as sold on Campbell, not after Blake Corum made him look silly on that TD run.

The biggest problem we had with the run were QBs taking off and running for 1st downs. Our LBs are too slow and our DBs have to tackle. Our D got so much better when Jacobs returned. Oruwariye would not tackle. He should have been cut but we had nobody to replace him on the roster. Elliott was not good but he was good in run support. He missed the Carolina game and they ran for 400 yards…Even that game we could have won if Sam Darnold did not look like Michael Vick.

I have to think something happened in his personal life. I can’t remember a young player regressing that badly in a long time…

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In the Panthers game the LBers were atrocious. I would say it’s a combination of DT and a upgrade at LB.

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I’m not nearly as harsh on AG as some people here are, but just looking at the Carolina game AG said he felt good about the game plan and never strayed from it even when they got gashed the first couple of drives.

Perhaps that was the case in other games as well.

But I do think as others have said that it was primarily the fact that containing running QBs was for some reason a complete nightmare for this team.

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I believe bringing Sheldon Rankins in on a 2-3 year deal fixes a lot of issues at a reasonable price. 73.1 pff grade, 43 tackles last year across 15 games (career high in tackles), and 558 snaps. Reasonable contract protections (2 years between 12-16 million) for a 28 year old. Already familiar with Campbell and Glenn. Just a really solid solid plug and play guy in the middle.

I think the defense is close enough where bringing in a guy like Rankins makes a ton of sense along with drafting another bruiser.

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