Subtle shot at Riley?


For a second there, I thought this was going to be about Riley Patterson.

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Lincoln Riley should buy the houses on each side of that AD and hire people to live there and play loud music all night. Riley has more money than he knows what to do with. Spend some on vengeance, Lincoln.

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I FOR REAL thought this was going to be about Riley Reiff :joy:

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I thought it was some Riley Greene All-Star shade.


LOL at this AD……

he thinks Lincoln Riley regrets taking the gig in SoCal…
where he makes a crap ton of money and still got into a mega conference… but doesn’t have to deal with delusional SEC visions of grandeur for a place in the center of Tornado Alley!

I can definitely see OU struggling in that conference over the long haul.

Or took the gig to avoid playing in a much tougher conference than the Big 12 which was what many were saying at the time he left. A conference that actually plays defense unlike the former Pac12

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But then the title would necessarily have to be RIIIIIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLEEEEEYYYYY!!!