Suh and Fairley?

Fellas -
I just seem to remember Suh and Fairley lined up together and being awesome! Do I have that right? Fairly played inside and Suh on his right shoulder? So did that make Suh a DE or another lineman or backer? and who lined up as backer behind Suh?

Really liked that defense with Glover Quinn and help me out, who was the other Safety that I think Patricia ran out?


What truly led them to skipping town? Was it Mayhew as GM who couldn’t keep them here? And why? Just loved those two guys torment QB’s!!! This includes one of my favorite moments of Suh stepping on Erin Rodgers!!!


They both were interior DL, & we were in a wide 9 , 4 man front. Ansah & Jones were the ends.

I feel SUH left for $$

We should have traded CJ & kept SUH.

We had 3 super contracts & drafted the last of the three the year before the rookie cap was implemented. HORRIBLE timing & luck.

We lost them because of money


\thats true we were stuck as team with huge contracts from draft. There was no limit first rd got super money. Being a bad team we took top players but the cap was a killer with the big contracts . I think the last of the huge contracts was Matt

Then league switched to system we have now. Lions had very good players just couldn’t afford them all. I agree Suh left for the money.


State taxes is my guess.

NFL players pay tax in each state they play in. 8 games a year in Florida adds up quick in a $100 million contract. I don’t blame Suh one bit.

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We didn’t want to pay Suh the money he wanted. The told the players the lions weren’t trying to win anymore and the players began to leave.


It was awesome, when it happened.
I remember Fairley as being injured.
It was more often Suh and Sammy Lee Hill.


I’m sure the weather and winning didn’t hurt either


remember this? original


Q Diggs

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He ran out Diggs and Slay. Kearse left on his own. Harmon and Tavon were both solid too.

Yeah, prolly should keep Elliott

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Suh was left DT and Fairley was the right DT.
There’s a lot of LBs to name. Tully, Durant, Levy, Whitehead, Bynes, Palmer, Van Noy
The Safety pairing with Quin was always a weak link. Delmas, Carey, Ihedigbo

The DT pairing fell apart because;
a) Fairley was inconsistent and Mayhew rightly couldn’t pick up his option or extend him at the money he was looking for.
b) Suh drew more money from Miami than anyone was willing to pay. It was a desperation move on their part and structured in a way that he would be out in 3 years, which he was. We were just under their offer and willing to make him a long-term foundational piece, but he and his camp were intent on leaving.

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It was pretty simple IMO. Fairley kept getting hurt and didn’t play with consistent effort. Suh got offered more money than the Lions could or would match. Losing Suh sucked, but it was like when Ben Wallace left for the Bulls. Their contracts were absurd and they both got shipped out of town half way through.


I thought Mayhew was a poo :poop:, and a big part of the Millen poo also. But I remember him offering Suh a contract extremely close to what the Dolphins offered (like [email protected]). Suh just wanted out … I don’t put that totally on Mayhew.

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What I do put on mayhew is knowing both your starting defensive tackles are free agents and drafting a tight end instead of a replacement. He arrogantly thought he could or would keep one or both and he was dead wrong. Once again instead of building upon a good roster we were back to trying to upgrade a mediocre one. Often with desperation moves.


Quandre Diggs

There is more to the story then I guess you are aware of….

Bell and other vets have literally talked about this at great length……

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He screwed up on that. We could have drafted Donald and let Suh walk minus the big money it would have cost to keep him… Ebron was a waste of a pick . And it set this team back like so many other blunders our front office done.


No, I’m 100% aware of those discussions.

Saying the Lions didn’t offer Suh a giant contract is false.

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I didn’t say that. I said they didn’t give him the money HE WANTED.

tv land nice try GIF by nobodies.

If they’d have drafted Donald and still acquired ngata we would have had a solid defense.