Suh on Stafford

I’m surprised nobody brought up what Suh said or I should say barely said about Stafford. He gave praise to cutler and goff but completely skipped out any mention of Staff. I dispise suh so much. He’s probably my most hated athlete in sports. The way he thinks he’s the shit and how he was so rude to fans when he would see them out in public. Uhhh, I hope Stafford kills it this week. I hope a miracle happens and our offense comes alive this week.

Probably because Goff and Cutler did know him long enough to think he was an unbelievable twat.

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I wonder if he really is good friends with Cutler or if he said that to take a hilarious backhanded smack at Stafford

When asked directly about Stafford we talked about how great Cutler was despite Cutler having the reputation of being a major tool

The implication being Stafford is a bigger tool

He was asked about great quarterbacks and went out of his way to not name Stafford. It’s called “trolling”. Stafford’s response? “Well played”.

Get a grip, people.

They’re former teammates.
One’s a QB
One’s a QB killer
One’s still getting paid
One’s playing on a reduced contract (comparatively)

But I’m sure the “Suh thinks Cutler is a better QB than Stafford” fodder will be folded in with the rest of the drivel that occupies most Stafford conversations.

Footage of Stafford and Suh as Lions


It’s a more subtle form of trash talk. I hope it motivates Stafford, but Suh apparently thinks it won’t…


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Talking is the only way to stay relevant. His career has declined every year since he left Detroit. I am not denying that he is talented, because he is. But he was never worth that contract, and as much as I wanted him to remain a Lion at the time, when I saw the deal he got, I was glad Detroit wasn’t the one paying it(though he was easily our best defensive player) Suh has gone on to teams where they were supposed to have these amazing defenses, and have been far from it. Miami was getting run all over. Now the Rams. Luckily the Rams have an amazing offense

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Really! Suh and Donald let a rookie QB put up 50+ points.
That kind of balances the Donald/Ebron lament.
More to the point, I’m more interested in what Suh’s (ex) teammates think of him!


Stafford could do PLENTY of other things besides talk in order to BECOME relevant, considering he has hardly breached that line before to begin with.

Was this about Stafford? No, but it sort of kills the rest of your argument if we’re being honest.

Well, that “rookie” has 37 passing TDs with 5 games to go. That’s 7 more than Brees has right now…

Mahomes is in his 2nd year, by the way, so not a rookie.

Last 2 drives in that game were “pick”, “pick” for the Chiefs in that game. That was pressure from the DL.

Donald also forced 2 fumbles on 2 sacks. Not exactly a non-factor…

Suh and Donald on the 2014 line would have been one of the best DLs ever. As it is the DL that year carried us to 11 wins because it certainly wasn’t the anemic offense that did it. Suh in 2014 was way more than he is now. Not sure it’s reasonable to use 2018 data to say what wouldn’t have been in 2014.

Taking Ebron over Donald was the most foolish move of both Mayhew and Millen. Cost us a playoff win and possible trip to the super bowl.