Super bowl prediction

No way 49 ers is going to loose this one . I want Andy Reid to finally win one , but shanahans coaching is superior

49 ers win 38 - 21

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KC 30 SF 24

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KC 34 SF 27

Chiefs 35 SF 31. Mahomes is one of the greats. He is like Tiger Woods, Lebron, MJ, Gretzky. A generational talent that will not be stopped. Mahomes is the total package. He is the best football player I have ever see .

We are all lucky to be witnessing greatness.

Lol - wittnessing true greatness is seeing my granddaughter learning to cook eggs at age 3.5! And seeing that smile on her face knowing she’s got a proud papa helping her out along the way!! That’s greatness brother


This is a Super Bowl prediction thread. What a bizarre post.

I like San Fran, I’ll be on my way there on my way back from the 36th Annual Cowboy Poetry Reunion in Elko, Nevada. Haven’t decided whether to stop in Reno and watch the game or go to SF. I have a buddy that I used to bartend to who bartends at the Toronado on Haight in SF, which is my 2nd choice. It’s a 1 point game currently in Vegas with KC favored. Just hoping for a game that isn’t a blow out either way. I like prop bets, so if I go to Reno I’ll take San Fran to score first and also lead after the first quarter. I also bet the coin toss, I’m a tails guy. Here’s to a good game, SF by one, 28-27. BTW, the over/under is 54, looks like people are expecting the over here.

Jiggy , Kansas city defense is more concerning to me . Rodgers had a tough time yesterday , with two weeks rest 49 ers defensive line will hit mahomes. Mahomes is one man army , our draft that year was Jared Davis , clueless guys

I’m not concerned with Mahomes getting hit. He barely gets sacked because he is so smart and elusive. KC defense is not good, but they don’t need to be. SF defense is good but not an all time great defense. I fully expect Mahomes to shred them.


KC was already a really good team. San Fran is still early in their building. What SF has done is super impressive, but they aren’t quite as talented across the board yet. Hoping they keep it close and we have a good game to watch.

KC 27 - SF 17

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Only bizarre to you brother Iggy

KC - 41
SF - 38

This…would be epic!

Everybody is thinking like you jiggy ,so far only I picked 49 ers , let’s see how it goes , I am predicting dominant win for 49 ers

Just a taaaaddd premature on that one. not claiming you’re wrong, but just let him win something first.

He’s already won MVP and has 13 TDs to 0 turnovers in 4 playoff games. 2 years in the league, 2 AFC championship appearances. I think he’s “won something” already. It is mind blowing how much better he is than everyone else on the field.

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Pretty much needs to win about 7 Super Bowls to get into the conversation with the others Iggy listed. We’ve seen a lot of guys come in and dominate a statistic or 2 for a couple years. Longevity and consistency is what we will need to see. He already went from 50 TDS in 16 games last year to 26 TDs in 14 games this year. He also has one of the best offensive minds as his head coach and one of the most dynamic WRs in the league. Those things are guaranteed to stay with him thru his career.

Dude is ultra talented, but he is the ARod of the AFC. Dude gets bailed out a ton by the refs because they need the “next” guy, and they are hoping he is it.

Well, if the ref’s are bailing him out they suck at it. KC is 25th in penalty yards, and were 31st in 2018. He’s played at a level that is off the chart for any QB so early in their career. Will it translate over an entire career? Well, that’s a wait and see but the here and now is all that.

Mahomes don’t need a running back and offensive line. Every other qbs need all kind of help. When somebody is too good please admit it hands down . 49 ers is a very good team both side , will be a good game

Last year was absolutely insane. This year was nice, but not amazing in any way. 10 in yardage. 8th in TDs like 7th in rating. Good for a still young QB, but not exactly lights out. Then the playoffs started and he got to play a couple teams that were borderline mediocre. Pretty easy path to the super bowl if you ask me. Now he gets to play a team that won 4 games last year. Not exactly murderers row.

Again he’s talented, but sometimes we tend to crown someone as the GOAT before they show they are slightly more than a flash in the pan. Joe Flacco’s corpse had one of the most impressive playoff performances EVER. One great year or 1 great playoff run doesn’t make someone the best all time at their sport like Iggy is claiming.

Excited for this one we are going to see the 2 philosophies put to the test. One team threw the ball 8 TIMES all game and won by 3 scores while playing good defense and running the ball. The other has the wide open offense able to come back from the biggest deficits with the best young QB in the game. I think this game comes down to some special teams plays and a trick play or two. I’m going to go with Mahomes, he just finds a way to win in the end.