Super Bowl Thread: Not the Lions vs Who-The-Hell-Cares


For the first time ever, it’s hard to watch this game. It should have been us. Ugh!

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WTH? is that Swift? She secretly roots for Jack Fox too, I’m positive of it!

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She grabbed my jacket on the way out the door.

Figured I’d beat everyone to it.


This is the most underserved topic on this forum.


why is the singing happening?
I thought it was the anthem

We’re not mad at Taylor, we’re mad at the obscene amount of coverage of Taylor that’s being shoved in our faces when we’re trying to just watch a football game.


Then get mad at the same people who hire jackasses like Chris Collinsworth.


I just get tired of seeing 2x4 everytime Kelce farts.

I get it.

So you guys aren’t mad at Swift.

You’re mad at the broadcast director.

Glad we could clarify that.

How did you like Reba doing in the national anthem?

Oh wait, they couldn’t show somebody singing our national anthem at an NFL game

Because America is a terrible country, and our national anthem is horrible

This is exactly why I gave up my season tix

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We are.

But we can’t really do anything about that.

We also don’t know a world without people who hire jackasses like Cris Collinsworth. We do know a world without ridiculous amounts of Taylor Swift coverage during a football game.

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they really didnt show the national anthem?
that’s a damn shame

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Once again, explain to me how this is Taylor Swift’s fault.

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Yeah, I don’t really care about Taylor Swift but I think it’s pretty sad when she’s a bigger story than the football games that are being played that she’s at

Yep. Agree.

Still not her fault.

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You guys realize you’re arguing over Taylor Swift right? Just making sure.

Taylor is a reptilian just like everyone else that’s famous.

Meh, don’t care about Swift.
Tired of Kelce and Mahomes commercials, Kelce commercials were overbearing for a while there.

Want to see Mahomes lose another one, Long live Brady.

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