SUPPLEMENTAL DRAFT or 2020 DRAFT...Trevor Lawrence? Travis Etienne?

What if CFB 2020 season is cancelled as it is being speculated now ?

Do players like Trevor Lawrence who were not eligible to come out in 2020 or more so players like Travis Etienne who were eligible and who decided to return to school… Should exceptions be made this year in unprecedented circumstances at least for those who were eligible ? …Do they have an argument that they should be able to enter this years draft with speculation that CFB may not happen in 2020 ?

The 2021 Draft would be a draft that would have real issues in which teams would have to make choices and evaluations off of 2019 tape .
The proverbial rust on an athlete that forms on a prospect that would form from being 18 months removed from 2019 College game play and what it would do to potential careers …?

If the college season was cancelled before the draft it might be possible to let them enter. I don’t think the NFL would hold a supplemental draft for what could be a huge pool of players.

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I agree…really I think the players that were eligible this year though, should really have an argument here that they should be allowed to enter & at worst the Supplemental draft if not the 2020 regular draft … These kids made choices to heighten the value they had by returning to school …a value they cant increase with no season should that be the case …

Seems to me if there is no CFB, stands to think there will be no NFL. One isn’t above the other as I see it.

I think it depends on where we’re at in a lot of ways. Is testing readily available and quick enough to confirm participants aren’t positive. If so I think they’d play the games with no fans

Though practice is another issue I guess. Who knows.

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The liability that would come from CFB having a season with non professionals with minimal preparation and practice…That’s the difference between the NFL and CFB as far as having a season goes …

At a certain point here mental health is going to need to be a priority. Even just an NFL season would help so much with Americans who at that juncture (if it goes on that long) are going to be exceptionally emotionally fatigued by their isolation and the disruption of daily life.

I also expect that science will counterpunch by then. There won’t be a vaccine that soon but a therapy that dramatically lowers mortality rates or allows effective treatment from home would drastically change the calculus.


No doubt …but keeping it football related CFB has it’s limits , limits that will not apply to the NFL . CFB can’t justify football with no in person schooling , no on campus schooling , no practice for players in any setting … The NFL can abandon the preseason as a whole , shorten it etc they have a much larger window for decisions to be made.

Players who made choices to go back to school should be able to change that choice based on what is known and what could be …

For me …I take Herbert over Burrows & a healthy Tua… I’m not a Lawrence lover either . That’s a different debate :wink:

What would a Lawrence do to the 2020 draft? Or a talent like Travis Etienne to a position group that is already strong …Take a guy like Dobbins who did not run the forty or do drills because he was not 100% and elected for his pro day to shine and now can’t compared to Taylor and Swift who did …Etienne minus the medical and measurement dept is or would be in no worse shape then Dobbins .

Why don’t you love Trevor Lawrence? I think Fields and Lawrence are both exceptional prospects.

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Syracuse, Georgia Tech, Texas A&M & the LSU title game has caused major pause for me …on Lawrence . I see what everyone else sees hell of a prospect …I liked 2018 Lawrence more then 2019 Lawrence …if 2020 Lawrence resembles more 2018 I’m back on board .


I can see that. He did play better as a Freshman.

I’m with NYL on this one regarding Lawrence. However, the same game that gives me pause with Lawrence, elevates my opinion of Burrough.

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I wont excuse 2018 Burrow , like Lawrence I cant excuse 2019 and value more 2018 …2019 Burrow I’ve broken down plenty and for me scheme and what I see and covet …scheme and talent that surrounded Burrow offer more to his incredible improvement and stats in 2019 then the premise that Burrow is this elite talent of a prospect …Burrow to me is below Herbert, (Healthy)Tua and Lawrence on the pure talent level. Burrow his head/football aptitude superior then those 3 …The system Brady installed for Burrow a perfect match that he mastered quickly …Kudos to him I’m sure was no easy task

Not sure, but I would imagine the player’s association would be strongly opposed to a large pool of players getting jobs that current members are clinging too.