Sure would be nice to have Rondale Moore on our roster, heh?!

I really liked Onwuzirike as a prospect and I don’t think Holmes expected Alim to still be there in the 3rd round but I don’t like that we put most of our eggs into one basket. Football is all about having balance and players at all groups.
I just wish we would have added a WR, LB, or Safety with that pick for Levi.

Rondale Moore, Trevor Moehring, JOK maybe.


Yeah I really like Parson And R Moore didn’t get neither.

Our new GM doesn’t believe in wr

I totally get the logic of building inside-out. We’ll have a much better WR group next year. And I think Cephus, St. Brown and Benson all have quite a bit of potential.

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I think we have to see Levi before proclaiming we should have gone in another direction. I think we’re going to get a longer look today than we have thus far. TBD.

Levi is going to be a nice player. I’m fine with the pick. Still LOVE our ‘21 draft and feel optimistic about future drafts.

I desperately wanted them to pick WR in the 2nd. Still makes no sense to me why they passed on it.

WR I feel can be found later in draft rounds or even free agency alot easier than lineman…a prospect like Levi is much more valuable. He has extreme power and speed. I think once he is fully healthy you will see what he is capable fine with the pick and agree Curious i think the staff nailed this draft. Alim was such a sneaky fall to us. Thanks PhillyTjey didn’t think we’d go back to back but Alim will be a solid starter and has some upside

These dudes will look a lot better when we have a badass #1 taking the lid off the D every play. We need to loosen it up and make them pay.

Right now, few are built to win underneath. Couple that with Goff’s propensity to check down quickly and favor short routes…

More talent is gonna help

An injury prone midget WR? What’s the worst that could happen? :joy: