Surging Lions WR Amon-Ra has eyes on 100-yard day, improving yards after catch b4 end of Yr 1


St Brown was a nice R4 pick
No idea on his ceiling but he should be here for at least the balance of his first contract

Obviously the second or third pick this year needs to be a WR

Overall, so far, the 2021 draft class has to be considered a B+ — A- level. Most have contributed and have progressed. Seems like a solid start for Holmes.

That’s generous, Levi is disappointing and a horrible pic in the 2nd Rd, McNeil is ok for a 3rd Rd pic not great but not awful. Iffy well is straight up incomplete, Barnes isn’t looking very good at all. Jefferson got sat and out played by a guy that barely been here on our practice squad. I give it a c at best and that’s only cause Sewell turned out to be a great player and St brown has progressed all year.

Jefferson sat and Reynolds played because Jefferson (1) had the flu; (2) missed practice during the week; and (3) had an ankle injury. He’s supposed to play more this week.


inb4 acl and on covid list

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Got a hundred say when he does play he will not show up like Reynolds did.

Yeah, it’s been a really good class of rookies.
Sewell has been out of this world.
Levi and Alim are stil learning, it’s no secret that it takes a few years for DT’s to catch-on.
Iffy looked promising until his injury.
Amon Ra has been a gem of a find, he’s having the best season outside of the 1st round WR’s.
Barnes looked promising but has been up and down since. Again, not surprising for a rookie.

Holmes has also brought-in a lot of good rookie UDFA’s.

It’s been a rough season, some of the money-ball stuff didn’t work-out but there’s plenty to build on.
Rookie classes are hard to truly grade for a few years.

Detroit Lions 2021 draft class is team’s second-most athletic in past 13 years

Six of the seven Lions draft picks were among the most athletic in the class.


Jermar might have gone 47 yards on the play that Reynolds got 35 yards on vs. Broncos.
The O line blocked it well, and JJ has sneaky long speed that might have got him to the house.

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JJ had sprinters in his ass that’s what he has.

I may be generous in my “too early” grade but you’re probably too harsh with the “C” grade

Split the difference… solid B at this point
Let’s see how Levi progresses - that has the potential to be the poorest pick for us in that draft

The balance are progressing

Barnes grade last game — wouldn’t read too much into that — if I’m recalling this right Anzalone was out so it could be situational. He’s not ready to be the guy. For where he was drafted, I don’t there’s much to complain about.


“[R]unning back Jermar Jefferson had the third-fastest GPS game speed, as opposed to a slower 40-yard dash time.”


Getting one star, one really solid starter, one lower end starter and one role player would be a helluva draft for ANY team…

Sewell is an ascending star.

I believe McNeill will become a solid starter

I believe St Brown is already a low end starter.

I am all but certain between Iffy, Levi, and Barnes we end up with 2 decent role players.

I call this draft a success

We have “113MM” In dead cap and IR cap hits. Not only are these guys rookies, they have no veteran talent around them (aside from Sewell)


We shall see.


He did have a nice little burst on that play. But I still like Reynolds better. I like his power and vision.

Are people really complaining about a 7th round pick? LOL


Love when someone coments trying to be , smart, yet the whole thing went right over there head.
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Yeah, I guess this went over my head.

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Like always you only got part of the story. This is why most things go over your head. Your always trying to be the internet bully so you miss most things.

St. Brown should get a 100 yard game soon because Goff has no one else to throw to with Hock and Swift both out. He’s got an outside shot at 80 catches in his rookie season.

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This guy did almost make the team during preseason when he was called in…. With Jefferson out he came in and did his job…. Now let’s see if he keeps it going!

I like them both….