Surprise Surprise!

I finally got to watch our game from Sunday! Hey, I’m retired and I was operated on yesterday, what the heck am I supposed to do!!!

Several things surprised the hay out of me:

  1. How good ARSB is. Does nothing but run his routes and catch the ball.
  2. AA - honestly, never was impressed by him, but he’s a baller! Has he always been this good?
  3. Goff - just a solid workman. Nothing fancy. Just does his job. I appreciate his effort.
  4. Full Team - Both sides! I’ve been watching out Lions for 50+ years. And I’ve never seen us convert and stop 3rd down plays!!! 3rd and 9, ARSB gets hit for 11!!! And we did it on defense too!!! Total team play. WRers blocking downfield, DL batting balls down. The little things that makes winners!
  5. I still think our DL is still a little in the seat, but dang, they get after it. Maybe passing on Jordan Davis and Jalen Carter was the right thing. Was it?

Peace out from Nor Cal.


Would be cool if Brodric started to come on.


So when can expect Brodic to play?

Next year probably. Unless someone gets hurt. Benito and Buggs are both ahead of him at nose tackle


The awkward answer is…yes. He is obviously learning and growing like everyone else. But if you go back and watch the PFF scores and notes from people who watch the details of the games…AA has been a victim of circumstance for his negative opinion by fans. His game improved significantly after Jamie Collins was sent packing. For those that didn’t see that improvement because the overall defense still had issues, his contribution has become undeniable.

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Heal well and fast, brother.

Take advantage of room service…at least that’s what I called it when my bro was in the hospital after triple bypass. AGE 47, so dudes get your checkups. If he didn’t he wasnt gonna get to 50.

Some few weeks post surgery he was maxxing out the speed and incline on the cardiac rehab treadmill and the techs asked him to tone it down because he was tripping out the other 60s/70s patients next to him…