Swift I am concerned about his injuries and if he's going to last here

I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t concerned for his longevity here concerning injury bug. I hope he’s a Beast this season and don’t wish him to get injured any more. We are starving for true Playmakers that are long term solutions and can really solidify their position—that would be a welcome change for once and we can use all the good news we can get.

You should be more concerned if the depth of the entire rb position can support the expected load and if the run blocking will be better than the weak and unsynchronized push you are seeing so far in the pre season. Even if Swift was bulletproof right now are you really expecting an 1100 yard 12 TD season? That’s heavy.

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I expect him to be healthy, run for 3.5 to 4 yards per carry , I expect 6 to 800 yards and even 10 TD’s. not much to ask…don’t care if he runs for 10 or catches 10 TD’s or if it’s some mix of both…I expect double digit TD’s in 17 games.

I saw that a day or so ago. changes nothing when he plays. he produces or he’s replaced.

I didn’t like the pick but it was more about RB value than the player, though I admit at the time I had both Taylor and Dobbins ranked higher. But I was pleasantly surprised by Swift’s skill last year, I think he’s got real talent.

I do worry that guys like him and Rondale Moore are simply TOO big. I think that’s why there’s more injuries nowadays in general… speed, athleticism and strength have gone up, but flexibility has gone down. David Boston had the same problem once he got too big for his frame.

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I really like Swift, I think he has talent. unfortunately…it’s like he just can’t stay healthy. and we’ve seen that show before. I hope he gets healthy and stays that way and starts really becoming a stellar RB HERE and for a while.

2018 groin injury
2019 shoulder injury
2020 concussion
2022 going again

Maybe we need to hold our breath and relax until we see him play…. I recall Matt being called a China doll amd Swift isn’t even into his second year yet….

What about Hock? He’s banged up already too. Seems like he always is. Does he get a pass?

Every time I turn around it’s either someone is banged up or underperforming their draft slot.

you make a valid point , yet all I’ve heard about Hock is he’s really upping his effort and game, like DeadDog points to…Swift seems beat up every offseason since we got him AND. reports say “we don’t know if he will be healthy by opening of the 2021 season.”

there’s a lot of groin and hammy issues in Detroit. Maybe they need to put a yoga gym next to the mental health gym

I swear if the Lions signed Reed Richards he would pull up lame with a hammy in his first practice

I remember when we had Teez Tabor, the Human Torch…

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