Swift not following blocks

Just came across this video clip on Twitter. I was looking for a clip of Swift not making that third and short run. Look at the lane Sewell opens up flattening two defenders. If Swift hits the proper hole that this play was designed to open, with Sewell demolishing both defenders, this run could’ve gone for a long ways. At very least he gets the first

I’m so over Swift. I think he has both the wand mediocrity and cape of disappointment in his locker



Man I saw that clip… if he followed Sewell that is probably a TD with his speed.

I get why they might be holding him back for injury or at this point more likely giving his reps to someone else.

Surprise surprise, when he had his TD run and followed his blocks he scored a nice TD!

I think that last TD they gave him might’ve been a little bit of “hey, just follow your blocks and see what happens” kind of motivational thing maybe?

But that one you posted is so frustrating. Definitely good play call. A fast guy following Sewell is gone, maybe has to shrug off a defender


That’s been the knock on swift along with not staying healthy. It has to be frustrating for the offensive line.


Not staying healthy but also not trusting your blockers and executing the play call. I bet that’s the bigger thing. His vision and listening skills may be questionable


On record for having saying that for awhile…


He’s either not listening or listening to too many voices. It looks to me that he decided he needed to cut into a “seam” before the play happened. He just did it at the wrong time. Follow Brock Wright and it was a big gainer.


In tight games it has become too hard to trust Swift. That was a 3rd down that could have cost the Lions the game.


It’s just plain obstinance at this point. Everyone that watched Hard Knocks heard Duce say it several times. He heard it!
He just refuses to do it, for whatever reason.


Swift would make a lot more money if he hired me. His issues stem WAY beyond football. Super, super easy to see his lack of worthiness issues.


Yes, indeed. You can see Sewel’s reaction at the very end of that clip (tho, of course, impossible to really know whether he’s simply disappointed by the result or by the fact that Swift - once again - didn’t follow the platy design).

A few people were calling out the play call in the game chat. The play call was just fine, as was the play execution - except for the guy toting the ball.

I don’t think it’s as simple as Swift not liking contact. Lack of vision is par of it, for sure. But I also suspect Swift is always looking for the big play. He passes up the 3 or 4-yd gain in search of the 50-yarder, maybe thinking that his speed will always deliver. But this is the NFL and it just ain’t so.


I think it’s Swift just not trusting the Oline. He was going for the sideline following the full back who didn’t have a good path

He should’ve cut in behind Sewell who leveled the DT and LB for an easy first down and possibly way more

Swift doesn’t run with anticipation, he just likes to run to space


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