T J Wright is lions golden goose. Hockenson was the curse

Are you saying that there are games beyond the wild card round? What kind of wizardry is this?

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I’ve been charmed.

It’s not chocolate boy. It’s chocalte. A minor but important distinction


Lol what the heck is chocalte?

It’s how @espnbaby spelled it. Ask him.

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Lol right on

They mentioned our offensive cordinator is hot , hops

Thats on me , dont blame the other lions proffesors for that

Wait I thought Saleh was way smarter and a better coach than Campbell?

So we just got lucky today right? Because no way we lost to the superior coach

Bill bellechick looked superior today after the final play today https://twitter.com/NFL/status/1604634494245314561?t=dk5L3HhP2CcORBH3j4XUZg&s=19

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I’m ready for them to go away finally

That would be a first.

Chocalte Boy is Hockenson. I thought everyone knew this?

We got the coach of year!!!

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Jets are ■■■■■■!


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See… I kept arguing with CasanovaJack last spring about TE being the least of the Lions’ worries. He kept saying that other than Hockenson there was no NFL-caliber TE on the roster. Gonna take the liberty to say “See….I told ya!” :rofl:

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Stranger Things have happened

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