Tabor > Shead? (No, really)

So, I’m just going to throw this out there, but is Teez Tabor a better option than Shead at CB? I say that knowing that Tabor has allowed a perfect passer rating so far this year. But as I pointed out in another thread, Tabor at least seems to be in position all the time and doesn’t completely blow coverages. Shead’s not all that much faster than Tabor, and to me actually seems slower in terms of game speed. Plus it just doesn’t seem like he’s got a great grasp of the defense.

If we’re going to say the season is “over”, and I think we are, then Teez (and Tracy Walker) should be playing regardless. But even if the team hasn’t thrown in the towel officially yet, I’d rather see Teez out there taking his lumps than Shead constantly out of position. Thoughts?

Agreed. If we’re only developing talent at this point, let’s actually let them see the field. That said, there’s a part of me that wonders whether the coaching staff is competent enough to not ruin the careers of our young players.

Jesus Christ, how did we get here …

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PFF has Shead listed as firmly “average”. And Tabor “below average”

Have they already accounted for the Chicago game? Because my god, Shead was a dumpster fire…

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I seen no highlight of Tabors player catching the ball Sunday, so that’s a plus

They also grade WW1 as “disruptive” and WW2 as “a bit chippy”


I had thought Tabor had the worst grade for a DB. But couldn’t be any worse than watching Snead shake his head all the way down the field knowing he was toast.

At this point, put youth in wherever it makes sense. Besides Snacks, I see no real reason to play any veterans at this point.

We’re already in the Top 10 of the draft. (Congrats, Detroit! We did it again!) :tada:

We may as well get even higher, while trying to figure out who the hell we’ve got. Maybe it’ll teach Quinn a lesson watching his pet project get toasted play after play.

Yea at first I didnt agree with playing Tabor…but now I’m all in. Use this year to see if he can actually play in the NFL…i have my doubts.

PS Bring Back Dre Bly

PPS bring back Alphonso Smith

PPPS - Bring back Bryant Westbrook

PPPPS Bring Back Terry Fair