Taco released

He has elite talent, but never put it all together on the field. Michigan seems to crank out a mix of super talented players who underachieve (Charlton, Gary, Peppers) and less-talented players who bust their asses and overachieve (Winovich, Jourdan Lewis, the Glasgows).

I just wish I could find a good deal on them. The few places I’ve tried them they want like $3+ per taco. I’m like WTF?

Must be those artisan baby duck pu$$y tacos Ron White was talking about.

Dolphins have claimed Taco Charlton off waivers

Hmmm…fish tacos


I wonder if he’s regretting that release?!

Nope. Here’s Carlton’s reaction


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At least this way he’s still getting a paycheck even if his butt is riding the pine in Miami vs Dallas

Wonder if the Dolphins will just turn around and try to trade him for some draft pick(s) at some point.

Are there any rules against trading someone you just picked up on waivers?

Obviously anything is possible but I would think that if other teams had any interest in making a trade for him that would have occurred with Dallas ? however I recognize it’s always possible that Miami might be willing to take less than Dallas would??