Take on next game from LACharger fans:

Googled a fan forum and posting the first one: https://www.thepowderblues.com/forum/forum/los-angeles-chargers-forum-nfl-forum-padres-forum/the-los-angeles-chargers-forum/823017-chargers-vs-lions-pre-game-discussion-bolts-2-point-favorites

Seems like their main concern is their LBers covering TJ (sound familiar?) and stopping the run. But they’re pretty confident, with sound reasoning too… The consensus seems to be the Lions are talented, but always come up short. They’re pretty spot on

TJ put the league on notice. That should help our running game going forward.


The Lions just played the team with the first overall pick starting a rookie QB, missing their top two CB’s and none of our WR’s showed any real ability to separate. That is a problem that likely can only be fixed by scheme. I think the first 2-3 weeks of any season you will see the most inconsistent play and it takes longer to know what you have. SD has a top DL which is a bad matchup for our OL. Can Bevell suck it up and recognize that we need more max protection schemes so that Stafford can stay clean enough to deliver the ball and stay healthy? OC’s get stuck on “their plays” on offense and don’t pay enough attention to what overall the QB needs to perform at his best.

That’s what we’re going to find out. They’ve been talking all offseason about how they wanted an offense that can change week to week to adapt to their opponents… Time will tell if they can achieve that.

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Indy (yes a better OL than us so that may be why) showed that you can run very effectively vs the chargers. Our RBs need to be a heavy part of this week not only running but catching.

At least Chargers fans are classy and realistic. There’s a very sportsman like conduct vibe going on at that site.
Should be a good game. Honestly, I don’t like our chances, but, hopefully the poster who said, “just what we need, a team that’s mad about the previous weeks humiliation”, is right.
I just don’t see it. Chargers win by 10+.

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