**Tampa Bay Bucs vs LA Rams Thread**

Just curious who you guys think wins this game and by how much?

Rams 31 - 24.

Last year the bucs completely shut down the rams running game. Goff was forced to throw 50+ and had an overall great night leading to the win. As well Brady is most susceptible to quick pressure up the gut, which Donald provides.

Rams are now down to their 3rd string Rb and a jag off the street. Stafford will likely have to throw 50+ and win through the air. Those types of games are very live by the sword, die by the sword.

Can’t wait to see how this one turns out


@Snags I hope you don’t mind but I went ahead and edited your post to make this the official Bucs vs Rams thread. Alot of us would already be watching it and wanting to comment anyways, but the NFL has kind of cleared the deck to make it the game a majority of the country will be watching.

Red is the Bucs vs Rams and the other color is Seahawks vs Vikings I believe.

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Whoa we have an official game thread for a 4 o clock Stafford game before an official game thread for a 1pm Lions game.

What is happening here. :rofl:

I am also very excited for this game btw. I find it ironic that Stafford left us for greener pastures, and it turns out that what he thought was a great defense and a great run game isn’t quite turning out that way. Although there are big time superstars still on the D.


No worries, this should be a good game and should be getting a lot of hype…and the NFL obviously views it that way as well.

I put $40 on the Bucs plus the points.

I picked Stafford Rib injury as my prop bet over at DraftKings…


Looking forward to the game.

My big decision today…

Start Michel if Henderson is out, Evans, or Rondale Moore. My head is spinning. Ramsey shutdown Evans last year.

Some of us need to live vicariously through winners… :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

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I think the Rams get mauled by the Bucs today. I’ll give you the definition of mauled after the game…

Fuck both. Can they both lose? Sick of Brady can’t root for the Rams.

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Gronk will be a monster today. If Stafford has to throw 50 plus times it’s gonna be a bad day for The Rams.

Should be a great game. Two playoff teams for sure.

They can tie…


Well the Rams have sorta owned the Bucs, especially recently …winning 7 of the last 8

Pulled TBs pants down and spanked him and his pirates on MNF, JG went off seriously on them, had perhaps his best game last year vs Tampa despite inexplicably heaving what had become his obligatory ridiculous pick in the 3 period to get Tampa back in the game, we kicked their behinds, they were damn lucky the final only had us winning by 3, that was misleading

I’d be tapping the breaks a little before placing money on TB, in fact I would avoid betting this game altogether

Go Bucs!

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Most of that series was Goff vs Jameis. The Bucs are a different team now, even different than when the Rams played them last year.
The Bucs are loaded from top to bottom, I don’t think the Rams have a chance.

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Yeah bucs are loaded as hell. Sad the goat couldn’t go to a shitting team, to see if he’s the real goat.

Go Bucs

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