Tampa Bay looking at Goff

Wonder what kind of draft capital? Maybe next years first Pick would be better.

If they want him…. Why would we not want to keep him ourselves as thus he has value?!


Probably do to his high price and inconsistent play. The real reason might be our play calling. If we’re a run team first, we don’t need a expensive QB.

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Now we have Tampa and Denver in a bidding war for Goff!



Yes - always open minded!

If the offer is too good, than you do take it……

But,for me, it would have to be a haul!


Yeah - the cap is the obstacle for Detroit. Seems like we can’t get it done because it would be to detrimental to the cap

I’m still of the mind that if you want our QB, you’re going to have to make a deal of the same magnitude as what we got for Stafford.

You’re wanting us go completely back to the drawing board on our rebuild plans, and most likely have another season of complete and utter suckery? That’s going to cost you a LOT.

On the other hand, lots of teams wanting Goff kind of indicates that they think he’s a winner, doesn’t it? Makes you wonder why so many fans are down on him when teams seem to be willing to fork over serious draft capital for him.


Do NOT trade Jared Goff. Win the division next year. Its time to stop rebuilding.


The title is misleading. Tampa Bay “Possibly” Looking at Goff. Tampa Bay “Might” be looking at Goff. “Is Goff a trade option for Tampa” all seem to fit better. It is just someone from SI’s opinion.

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Not saying I want him to be traded but I would personally be impressed by Holmes if he showed the balls to trade him, if he got a decent haul it of it. Would show that he isn’t 100% tied to a player and is able to ignore his biases when the value presents itself. I would argue that depending on the haul we could be in a better position but I would assume the majority would think that Holmes won’t trade goff anyways, interesting to see if we have a gm that can avoid the pitfalls of previous gm’s and either admit mistakes/take the better value when it arises.

It would tell me MCDC isn’t a believer in Goff and MCDC fans would have to choose between the two: either trust their 3 win coach or trust the 3 win QB.

I’d just sit back with popcorn and watch it all unfold …

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I do think Goff to Tampa would work. Arians got 5,000 yards and 30 touchdowns out of Jameis Winston (also with 30 INT but still)

Yep, it would have to be a Hershell Walker or Ricky Williams sized trade…or we’re better-off just keeping him.

People here have very short memories and forget that before Stafford, we struggled for 30 years to find even half-ass’ed QB’s.


I’d do it for a first and third. It gets us out of that giant contract and really increases the haul for Stafford. Yes we’d probably suck in 2022 but would be in a very good position afterward. Suck bad enough to get the 1OA and still have two more 1st rounders sounds great. I’ve waited this long, what’s another year?

I don’t see Goff bringing a first in return. Wentz went for a 2nd and 3rd.

I’d think TB would look at KAaron, Russell and Watson first before Goff. Beyond that, I can’t imagine the Bucs ponying up enough to make it worthwhile to leave next season in Boyle’s larger hands before the draft. After the draft, there could be a path if Corral, Pickett or even Willis somehow fell low enough to one of our picks. So make that 0.10% chance Goff starts for the Bucs next season.

Depends on how much the league believes his last 6 games were the real him or if goof is destined to return

A 2nd that became a 1st based on his playing time this year. It’s why the Eagles have the Colts 1st round pick.