Tankathon mocks the 3rd round comp picks/Deonte Brown

We take Deonte Brown at 101. I don’t think anyone would object to that.

I thought I’d make this thread because…

A. I know I’m not the only one that likes Tankathon as a draft website, and they just came out with these picks today.

B. I like Deonte Brown, and we’ve never really had a thread talking about him as an option, say in the 3rd.

So think of this as the Deonte Brown thread, while also kind of serving

Here’s a link incase some of you don’t know the website I’m talking about…

Personally, I wouldn’t mind taking him in the 3rd to play RG. I think he’ll be a solid pro, and finding a good pro at one of the two questionable O-line positions in the 3rd wouldn’t make too many people mad.

Also, their 3 round mock has us taking Smith at 7, Basham at 41, Holland at 72, and Brown at 101.


I would be disappointed, assuming Vaitai is playing R guard, being paid 10 mil/year and having invested a 4th in the poaition last year. Only way it makes sense to me is if Vaitai plays RT .

That would be an okay draft to me. I really like WR Smith. An edge player is confusing as we have Flowers, Romeo, Julian, Austin Bryant there now so that confuses me.

I like a safety is 3 and I am okay with a guard that late, especially if he can play ROT. If not a depth guard that high is also confusing.

Read a scribe on CBS Sports Sat morning predicting DEN trades up with DET 2 spots, for Fields, in exchange for a 3rd in 2021, late round pick in 2021, and a 2nd in 2022, and Lions select WR Smith. I like that trade and that outcome. Next, am anticipating Holmes trades down in the 2nd Round of 2021, 10 spots, for an additional 3rd in 2021, drafts OT Eichenberg or OT Little to play ROT with #51. Now, DET has 4 picks in the 3rd, #71, #72, #82, #102…WR Brown or Collins with #71, S Holland with #72, S Cisco or CB Adebo with #82, G Brown LG/RG depth or XXX with #102…Result: 2 WR, 2 S, 1 OT, 1 G…I’d be happy !!..Still need LB/DT/NT backup in Rounds 4-5…Might get one temporary solution for 2021 Plus a #7th Round flier from DEN trade…I don’t hold out much hope for Vaitai, cut material thanks Quinn

I would be fine with this.

If there’s 1 guy I want us to come away with this draft, it’s Deonte Brown.

This is what would happen, and then Crosby would sit.

But I have a question though…

Yes I understand it’s a complete and total mismanagement of resources, but…

Why does anyone’s contract make them get playing time?

Why don’t the best players play regardless of their contracts?

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If Fields falls to 7 were either taking him or getting more than that. Looks like he’s not going to though.

Don’t read more into the narrative than what it implies. Obviously, the farther down you are, the more its going to cost to come up to #7. DEN is only coming up 2 places from #9 to #7. For that narrow movement, I think DET would move down to #9, willingly, given the offer. If you are implying, DET would receive more from DEN than what the writer assumed and DET agreed to, then its pure speculation on your part.

I don’t think they’re going to let batman boucher’s mistakes prevent them from making good choices. Talking Brown at 101 would be a good choice.

It shouldn’t be a forgone conclusion, rather an assumption. You pay a player based on their value, they have a skillset, the greater their ability, the more you pay them. Feel like I’m explaining the principles of Ayn Rand. If you sign them to a large contract, it is assumed they will occupy a starting position and be more capable at that position than the person you could have paid less.

At 101 we could get someone who contributes more to wins and losses than a RG. A secondary player, wr, lb, etc. Our line is pretty solid. Imho I think we only go o-line if talent at T falls to us since it’s such a deep class