Target % 22 vs 23 Detroit Lions

So there has been a lot of national media saying the Lions offense wont be as strong as last year. And they didnt do enough in the offseason. Am I missing something?

I made this to show who is going to get the share of the ball. Because the Lions don’t rely on 1 WR. They do a great job of spreading it out. And i think thats what confuses national media.

So this is the top 10 receivers in terms of target percentage per game.

1 St Brown 21%
2 Hock 14%
3 Swift 12%
4 Chark 11%
5 J Reynolds 10%
6 Raymond 9%
7 Kennedy 5%
8 Jamo 4%
9 Wright 3%
10 Zylstra 3%

3 of those guys are GONE. And theyve added a large amount of good players to replace that. So for 23 it could be ball park

1 St Brown 15%
2 LaPorta 12%
3 Gibbs 12%
4 Jamo 10%
5 Jones 9%
6 Reynolds 8%
7 Raymond 7%
8 Green 5%
9 Monty 5%
10 Wright 4%

Thats a massive turn over and i think the guys at the top are some of the best in the NFL. IF the rookies and 2nd year players show up.

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I mean 1st round WR in 2022, 1st round RB in 2023, and almost a 1st round TE in 2023, LaPorta was the 3rd pick in the 2nd round. I mean how much more draft capital can a team spend on the offense than that!?

These clowns in the media clearly aren’t paying attention.


well prepare for the NFC championship showdown when most the talking heads will say how The Lions won’t be able to compete and Colin Cowherd will talk about how bad it would be for the NFL if the Lions win. Simms will be arguing as fast as he can talk about how Goff will choke and the beat writers will be scrambling to describe the playoff run as fluky

Then after we hoist the Lombardi they will say they knew it all along

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James Mitchell should find his number called a few times in 2023. He caught all 12 of this targets last year and will have a full off-season and training camp under his belt, unlike last year.


Oh absolutely.
Laporta is gonna get the Lions share (pun intended) of TE catches. But it will be similar to last year where Wright, Zylstra and Mitchell will get a pretty even split. All around 3-4% of all targets.

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Having a bunch of catches for a rookie TE is unusual. The outliers typically played WR instead of TE (like Kyle Pitts).

The national media bases it off from things like PFF… They are into fantasy stats… Our offense of line is what makes our offense, amazing… And that improved this year… As well as both running back positions

I think LaPorta will play a fair bit in the slot. Dude was a WR in high school.


1 St Brown 15% too low
2 LaPorta 12% too high
3 Gibbs 12% too low
4 Jamo 10% too high
5 Jones 9%
6 Reynolds 8%
7 Raymond 7%
8 Green 5% too high
9 Monty 5%
10 Wright 4%


I think you are right! He had 146 targets last year, and he missed 1 full game, and barely played vs the Cowboys or Pats. He averaged about 10 targets per game and he should because he’s always open.

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That’s quite a jump considering that he hasn’t had pads on yet. Right now I see him as Cephus 2.0.

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600+ yds and 7 TD’s.


DeAndre Hopkins - 9% :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

The media hates Goff…. When he has 4,800 yards and 30 TDs and wins the division, there will be no more talk of it. He will be entering the best 4-6year stretch of most QBs career, and doing so with young cheap talent around him. When he’s led 5 to 5 offenses in the NFL by age 30, and 4 playoff runs- suddenly he will be talked about as a top 5 QB like he was in 2018, before the talent around him was scalped by injuries abs cost trimming.

ASB- 1,150 yards
Jones Jr- 450
Reynolds- 400
Jamo- 500
Raymond- 400
Green/etc- 100

  • that’s 3,000
    Does that seem like a reach on any of those?

Monty- 300
Gibby- 600
Mo- 100

  • that’s 1,000

Laporta, Mitchell, Wright- 900

That’s 4,900…. Goff prefers spreading around

Target % by Position group in 22.
6 WRs 59%
4 TE 22%
4 RB 19%

Thats why i believe laporta is going to get a fair share of the catches. And yea i think gibbs is definitely going to likely get more.

Either way. ~550 passes
I see at least 8 guys getting 40+ targets.

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Gibby will be second on the team in receiving yards…& not by a wide margin.

Love the breakdown & how you included the TE group as one…I would do the same - impossible to say how they develop and/or how long it takes.

I think Gibby and JaMoss get more (Gibby a lot more). I think those numbers as a group could be very on point though.

Probably just me, but expecting 2 rookies and an almost rookie to produce that much is nerve racking.
I have no problem expecting a ton of production from Gibbs. Gotta get the miles out of RB’s when you can. But I’d slow my roll down on Laporta and Jamo. Jamo has the talent, but he’s out six games. He’ll now be out what, 16 of his first 22 games or something like that?
What would really help this O, is if Kalif or Marvin produce Golden Tate like numbers for the front half of the year. I mean, obviously, not in terms of RAC. Just catches and first downs.

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I think there’s a very real chance our offense declines this year.

We lost some veteran talent and replaced it with youth. That’s usually a regression in production

Also defenses have a year of tape and an offseason of study on how to combat our OC and beat our offensive scheme.

What gives me hope is Goff and our OL. I firmly believe Goff is way undervalued by some people. He does a great job of keeping his receivers involved. Last year he had a make shit OL for most of the season.


I expect more passes to our RB’s, less to our WR’s early and about the same to the TE’s. Montgomery is a better receiver than Williams and Gibbs is a better receiver than Montgomery. High percentage type passes, opens up for shots down the field.

Agreed on Goff for sure!

The right guard spot was a revolving door last year. But somehow Ragnow only missed 1 game despite rarely practicing and both Decker and Sewell played all 17 games. The year before was much worse with Rags missing almost the entire season and Decker missing half of it. The chances of all 5 starting O-linemen staying healthy for a full season is slim, especially when one is 30+ coming off back surgery and another wasn’t able to practice most of last season and his toe injury can’t be fixed with surgery. At least we got some backups with starting experience this year though. Glasgow and Ifedi both have been 5+ year starters in the league. Much better depth than last year on paper anyways.

The injury history of some of the O-linemen is one of my biggest concerns about the 2023 team. I was actually surprised we didn’t take an O-lineman until round 5.