Tate wishing he’s stayed?

Random Lions thought for the day…

If I were Golden Tate… part of me would be thinking “dang it! I should have stayed and I’d be rolling with my old OC Bevell!!”.


Probably not. I’m sure he is happy with the large contract the Giants gave him, that he wasn’t getting here. Giants are 2-2. Tate was also traded last season… he wasn’t re signing here.


True of the trade but remember the most probable why in the trade was there was going to be no new deal. He wanted to much and said so… BQ then got the most out of the moment via a trade…

I still wonder with his sight if he realizes the money and changing teams may not have been worth it…

I wonder how he would do with Matt and the new - his old- OC.

But thats me

I’m much happier with the current WRs and the 3rd rounder Will Harris instead. Glad he got paid though, happy it wasn’t by us. Looking at Tate’s contract, we’re absolutely stealing Marvin Jones @ $8 million a year…Tate got almost 9.5!!

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Agree I worked out for us!

Not so much for me imho!! :upside_down_face:

G-men are 2-2. Barkley looks to be way ahead of schedule to return. Tate is back this week. He got paid. They’ll be competitive for most games here on out. And I think he’ll see the ball a ton. He’ll be just fine there. I loved having him. He had great years here. But I feel (not exactly sure what makes me) this team wouldn’t be a fit for him, or vice versa. I like what we have and hopefully Danny A gets back soon AND marvin hall continues to see the field


I have a feeling he was one of the players that was at odds with the new coaching staff and practice routine. I have nothing to base that on, just reading the tea leaves of his attitude/body language and the fact that they shipped him out when they did.


Agree - I do think if he knew we’d be picking up Bevell, he’d have thought twice.

Too many think the money makes a dude happy with their situation… it doesn’t.

I like their new QB, he looks pretty exciting. I wouldn’t be surprised if the giants end up being close to .500

  1. We weren’t any good with Tate. All of his stats last year came in games we lost. The games we won, he did next to nothing.

  2. Our offense looks much better when we don’t have to throw the screen behind the line of scrimmage to Tate 5 times a game and hope he breaks 7 tackles to get 5 yards.

  3. He’s severely overpaid for a guy who only gets in the end zone 4 times a year.

  4. He’s a PED offender. Curious how he looks when he gets back after 10 months off.