Taylor Decker on the Adam Schefter podcast

Taylor starts at about minute 19. He talks about the change in culture of the new Lions. The best part is at 30:17 where he gives his candid opinion on why other teams needing a head coach should pass on Ben Johnson.

Decker is a good dude. Glad he’s part of this new culture


Can you recap? I can’t get it to play on my phone so far.

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His first response about Ben Johnson was that he’s awful and would ruin your organization.


I hope teams take him seriously and we get to keep him. :rofl:


This was awesome!

Just for today baby!! Win for today and the future will happen on its own!!

Great conversation and thank you for posting this brother!!


Just a great interview. One can only hope they can continue with this success and have a chance to play and win a Superbowl for guys like Taylor. But most of all for us fans that have endured thru the tough years every since the Bobby Lane curse. Go Lions!


I was explaining the curse and Peyton and Jeff Daniels lifting the curse, to my wife.
Like, how do you explain it? We were 1-6 before they did it, 8-2 after, and 8-2 so far this season.

I started at the 30 minute mark. Will have to go back and listen to the rest.

Adam Schefter discussing Taylor’s legacy:
“Let me let you in on a little secret. If you happen to enjoy some playoff success and if happen to have that success be sustained and extended into February, into Las Vegas this year or another superbowl in another year, you cannot even imagine the legacy that will be left behind for you there in that city for the amount of happiness you bring to Lions fans.
…You win one of those there in that city, you are forever a champion.”

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Understatement of mankind

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