Taylor Decker to possibly go on IR for season

Just heard Lions are debating putting Decker on IR for rest of season. He’s been practicing 2 weeks with a club on his hand. I heard on the radio this morning Jon Jansen stating Lions have 2 weeks to decide. Does this change your mind of having Decker move to RT if Sewell plays the whole year at LT. Janson’s point is Sewell playing all year at LT you have 17 games to see him there. Either keep him at LT and now have a whole year to have Decker practice at RT and not switch Sewell again or trade Decker. I was all for moving Sewell back to RT and keeping Decker at LT but I think this is a twist that has me leaning towards Jansen’s take.

Trading Decker is stupid, so that’s not even on my radar.

I know they are giving up on the season and just scouting the young guys, but putting Decker on IR for the year would be dumb. Get Decker out there and see what Sewell and Decker look like together…regardless of who’s playing what position. If you IR Decker you don’t get to see Sewell at RT and you don’t get to see Decker at RT. So you go into next season with a question mark you didn’t need to have.


It’s hard to scout anyone with Nelson starting.
And if they IR him for the year, that effectively closes the door on a trade. I agree that IRing him would be dumb. They need to see him out there, even if it’s a few games at the end of the season.

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If Decker misses the season I’m guessing he moves to RT next year.

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I’m actually kind of in favor of trading Decker….


The strength of the 2022 draft is at 2 spots… Defensive back (which is great for us) and at OT (not so great for us).

If we can trade one of the better left tackles in the NFL for a 1st, keep Sewell at LT and replace Nelson with a startable commodity on a rookie contract, perhaps a 3rd rounder, that seems like a plus for me.

Perhaps replacing a Probowler with a rookie is foolish. Decker just isn’t getting any younger and it would be pretty neat to have more $$$ in the salary cap.

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This is exactly what I was trying to avoid

I don’t think it really matters one way or the other from a strategy standpoint.

Trading Decker is a Madden dork fantasy that isn’t even on the radar screen.

Sewell has been erratic at LT, which should put to bed the idea that he is completely inept on the right and a savant on the left.

If Decker is really injured enough to warrant being put on IR, then it doesn’t make sense to risk breaking him permanently. You’ve got the whole offseason to determine which tackle plays which side.

If Decker can get right and play, so much the better.

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I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that Ronnie Staley and Laremy (Gas-mask) Tunsil disagree that trading a good LT is a madden dork move but I understand your point.

I only say what I say because I feel getting an additional 1 for the rebuild would be huge.

Keeping Penei on the side he’s comfortable with could be huge for his development.

Getting an adequate replacement on the right side for a fraction of Deckers cost would be… huge.

The theme is YUGE and the team needs those sized moves to get going again sooner rather than later.

Again, I understand trading an actually good player for magic beans may be dumb or dorkish but to me, the extra first and extra cap outweigh the risk.

It sounds like he could be a liability if he suits up. If that’s the case, would we really know what we have with Decker at LT and Sewell at RT?

They aren’t going to IR him just because the season is lost. It sounds like he can’t use the hand the way he wants to, or needs to at LT.

Then you shouldn’t have said it ? I mean
yeah let’s just keep drafting OTs every year in the first because that’s the strength of the draft even thou we got 2 high priced quility guys now. Who needs A pass rusher or DBs or WRs, when we can keep trading our quility OTs so we can draft to the strength of the draft. Sounds like a genius to me.

A 1 that you have to use on an OT because you no longer have Decker.

He said I’m a genius!!

For the record you could probably get a replacement RT in the third round.

Zion Nelson
Jaxon Kirkland
Charles Cross
Sean Rhyan
Darian Kinnard
Rasheed Walker
Abraham’s Lucas
Nicholas Petit-Frere
Nick Broeker
Wanya Morris
Myron Cunningham
Dare Rosenthal
Daniel Faalele
Dawand Jones
Trevor Penning

All of the above represent an upgrade at RT at a fraction of the cost of Decker and should be available at the end of round 2 to round 4.

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Unlike other organizations (except the 2016-2017 Browns) this front office really knows how to tank it. Perhaps, it’s the John Dorsey influence—after all, he executed the Browns 2017 tank job perfectly.

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Wouldn’t you be selling low on Decker given the injury. Someone gives us a first then I’d consider it. Short of that no way.

If Ronnie Staley and Gas Mask warrant a first then that’s what I’d be asking for and i also wouldn’t settle for less.

Use your 3 firsts on whatever… DB, WR, Edge, LB however the board falls then scoop up a replacement RT in the third and keep Penei at LT, his future position anyway.

Then use the extra cap on whatever tickles Brad Holmes’ fancy.

If there is nerve damage I can definitely say “there’s more to the injury” than we know. But short of that putting him out for the entire season would definitely be a move you only make in a lost season.

It will cost us $14M to NOT have Decker next year. So basically you are trying to get gas for $.50 cents a gallon but you are paying a $2.50 per gallon surcharge to get the cheaper price.

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Not sure I see a 1 being offered for Decker coming off of a lost year.

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@wesleysh21 ~ is this not what we’re currently doing with Stafford? And likely what we’ll eventually do with Goff? And even if we trade him do we have to pay his salary? I’m legit asking, I’m not 100% how that works, not trying to be smarmy.

@CuriousHusker - that is a super valid point. Touché good sir.

I want to trade Decker just because he is an NFL offensive lineman that can’t play through a finger injury.

In all seriousness you don’t trade Decker unless you get MORE than just 1 #1 pick for him.

Good tackles can bring more than that…and he is a good tackle…but as Husker pointed out…thats when healthy.

I still think he should be on the field. Nelson sucks. Get Decker back there at LT for a few weeks. Move Sewell over to RT. See what you have. If it’s not working at all…flip flop em…and see what you have there.

The season is over. Might as well experiment.