Taylor Decker to possibly go on IR for season

Here’s my one last issue. I’d potentially be open to a player for player swap but Offensive Lineman’s window of peak play is so much longer than anything outside of QB and kicker/punter. So let’s say that Miami would do Xavier Howard for Decker. I think they’d do it and that would likely make us a much bette defense for two years or so. But Decker can be near elite for 10 more years perhaps. So trading ten really, really good years at a higher priority position for elite play for a couple. Hard to justify.

I brought up Howard and a 2 when this discussion was held the first go around. I’d do that but I doubt the Dolphins would.

All this talk about trading off our few assets is only kicking the can down the road.


Very true. I used shitty wording there. I meant to say I didn’t think that was the specific case with Decker (with him not being able to grab), not that teams don’t IR players to let them heal up in a lost season.

I could be wrong though, that could be exactly what they’re doing.

Ronnie Lott would cut that shit off by now…


I’ve got to ask since I can’t remember any…

Can anyone remember a tackle, either side, playing efficiently with a club wrapped hand? For a prolonged period of time, not just a single game?

Someone had to say it. None of the digits should be off-limits except possibly the 21st…


Rolf Benirshke did.


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I’m keeping Decker unless a team stupidly overpays. Having him on one side and Sewell on the other is more valuable to me than whatever his market value supposedly is.


Ragnow to IR for a Toe, and Decker for a finger. Both of these guys could and would play through this if we had any shot at winning IMO. The full tank is on.

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So much this. Only someone with 3rd grade math skills would consider trading him.


I feel personally attacked.

My math is at least a 6th grade level


“extra precautionary” :wink:

Those guys weren’t just signed to a new contract before trading them…

I’m right there with you brutha. The weakest part of my knowledge when it comes to the game is the financial side of things.

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Rahnow needed surgery, which means his MTP joint was not stable due a partial or full tear. If he had played, he would have had much less power than usual.

Since it happened so early in season, he likely would have still opted for surgery even if Lions were winning.

It is easy to look up cap hits BEFORE suggesting a trade.

And he is a bargain to keep for his skill set. Millen might be the only GM I can think of that would be dumb enough to make that move.

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Very true - and I still don’t get it sometimes. lol. I’m very reliant on Deadstroke when it comes to that. :laughing:

It’s why I often stay out of the trade talk until I know for sure.


I think the positions involved and actual injury type/location matter.

Hands, feet are vital for Olinemen. Balance, power, leverage all affected with injury to hands/feet. You have a much harder time controlling a DE when you can only grab with one hand.

Torn ligament in the big toe, really can weakens ones base, power and leverage. Also ability to change directions.

I trust the decision on Ragnow to be not tanking and just best for long term with the injury at hand.

With Decker, he was slated to come back. Strained the injury apparently, and now they’re questioning hs ability to return within the timetable they are forced to have a decision within.

I don’t see that as tanking. I’m thinking it was a couple week injury, rested got better, injury set it back to a couple more weeks and now they fear he could keep repeating the injury or make it worse. Only way for it to heal it to total coverage with a wrap. Can he be effective with one hand on either end of the line?