Taylor v Swift

I think if BradDan were here in 2020 they would have picked Taylor. Swift is a great athlete but I’m starting to question his fire to do whatever it takes. I hear him complaining quite a bit but see more than a few negative and hesitant plays out of him seemingly every game. Hopefully he gets it figured out. We need another bruiser type back behind this Oline. This would make us very difficult to scheme against, especially when Jamo gets out there.

Shake It Off Taylor Swift GIF by Vevo


We definitely needed to Shake It Up there.

edit a minute later: Or is it Shake It Off?

lol. None too good with the Taylor Swift references.


Shake It Off Taylor Swift GIF

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I clearly didn’t know my audience when I started this post

Just try and stop this guy in the goal line A gap.

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Clever headline.

Took me this long to work up the desire to check this thread out.
I will say this, if D’Andre had Taylor’s (Swift) ankles, we’d never have to worry.
That girl has some thick ankles!

That’s usually building the foundation for a large structure. Seems weird because she seems so petite…though we all were back in the day

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