TCLion's Mock 1!

An all inclusive mock up to pick 18 for your viewing pleasure.

  1. Panthers - Anthony Richardson, QB, Florida

  2. Texans - Young, QB, Alabama

  3. Cardinals - Anderson, DE, Georgia

  4. Colts - Stroud, QB, Ohio State

  5. Seahawks - Carter, DT, Georgia

Trade - The Lions trade #6OA, a 2024 5th round pick, G Logan Stenberg, and CB Jeff Okudah to the Raiders for #7OA, #70, #109, and a conditional 2024 2nd round pick. Raiders GM Zeigler, who took over as Director of Scouting in New England from Bob Quinn, is thrilled to acquire two CB’s with all the traits he’s looking for, as he continues to build the Patriot Way in Las Vegas, similar to what Quinn did in Detroit.

  1. Raiders - Gonzalez, CB, Oregon
  2. Lions - Witherspoon, CB, Illinois

Depending on who you ask, Witherspoon is either a really good CB, or a future first ballot Hall of Fame quality CB. Either way, his attitude, work ethic, and love of the game are a perfect fit for the Lions culture.

Trade - The Packers trade #15OA and #45 to the Falcons for #8OA and #110

  1. Packers - Levis, QB, Kentucky
  2. Bears - Robinson, RB, Texas
  3. Eagles - Wilson, DE, Texas Tech
  4. Titans - Skoronski, LT, Northwestern
  5. Texans - Johnston, WR, TCU
  6. Jets - Jaxon Smith-Njigba, WR, Ohio State
  7. Patriots - Murphy, DL, Clemson
  8. Falcons - Van Ness, Edge, Iowa
  9. Commanders - Addison, WR, USC
  10. Steelers - Johnson Jr, OT, Ohio State
  11. Lions - Kancey, DL, Pittsburgh

That’s how we got to this point. Here are the rest of the Lions picks.

  1. Adebawore, DE, Northwestern
  2. Mauch, OL, North Dakota State
  3. Sewell, LB, Oregon
  4. Brown, S, Illinois
  5. Brown, RB, Illinois
  6. Ford-Wheaton, WR, West Virginia
  7. Thompson-Robinson, QB, UCLA
  8. Kuntz, TE, Old Dominion

Plenty to love, Plenty to hate. I think the trade is solid and not pie-in-the-sky. Given the very wide range of players values this year, some of these choices will appear to be both extreme values and complete reaches, as I tried to find a middle ground. How does this draft make you feel :thinking:


The trade down is certainly plausible but nailing any trade specifically is virtually impossible. I could see Tennessee or Atlanta wanting to jump the Raiders for a QB if one falls, but outside of that it just feels like guessing.

It is always fun to trade down though.


I can’t imagine anyone giving up that much to move up one spot for a corner

But then I don’t think Okudah or Stenburg have any trade value


I’m betting on two points.

  1. Zeigler will see the same things that caused Quinn to select both players, as both of them have taken similar paths and are following the same patterns.

  2. Zeigler will want Gonzalez and will be willing to pay a small premium. I like both, and think that both have similar potential. I think Witherspoon fits better from intangible factors.

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Interesting… man if Holmes could do them like Millen did the Browns that’d be filthy

I wonder if we swapped from 6 to 7 and they gave us their 2nd but we tossed in Okudah…who would be happy and who wouldn’t

I’m guessing the Rodgers trade goes through, but the Packers haven’t given a strong indication on picking up Love’s 5th year option. I’m not seeing indications they are in love with Love. Having Levis on a rookie contract gives them all kinds of options.

If Love blows it up, they have a franchise tag, and can work out a long term contract, and look at trading Levis. If Love doesn’t perform adequately, they cut him loose and have Levis on a rookie contract with a year under his belt.

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A little bored, are we?
The hardest month of the year begins.


:laughing: yes

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Not a fan of this one. I’d be stunned to see the packers trade up for a QB.

@18, please no


Riskiness business drafting brothers ? (imo) While solid what if it gets swaggy ? Does that end up costing both okwaras ?

( I’m talking about sewell’s tho and contract time and keeping two happy ).

In the nfl , it’s family that on the field but business off it.


Also not a fan of the Brown brothers.

A bunch of crazy here lol

Witherspoon is a good prospect but he is a full step slower than Okudah. I love his attitude but Okudah has the exact same mentality.

Okudah is worth more to us than we could get in a trade. He played well for half a season coming off a MAJOR injury last season. If he plays a full year at that capacity, and potentially improves since he is finally on the field, then he will be well worth keeping. He might never be an all pro, but he can definitely become solid. He was actually pretty solid until his bad wheel started wearing down last season.

Also i would never draft a DL with 30 5/8" arms in the top two rounds ever. Any gm who does should have their career tied to that player. He busts you are fired. He is as extreme of an outlier as you can get. Zero percent success rate in the league so far. Kancey is going to be a 3rd down gadget rush specialist at best.


There’s a surprise every year, sometimes a couple of them. :smiley:

Not as much when they’re on opposite sides of the ball. Every situation is different and should be entered into with care, but I’ve heard of no distractions with the Okwara’s, and it might help with retaining/continuity. The talent and fit has to be there though.

He’s 3 years in to a 4 year contract and hasn’t done enough to justify a 20 mil 5th year option. I agree he showed flashes, but I’m not sure it was enough.

I was considering Breese for that pick, but was kinda coin flipping. You think that might make a better selection? :thinking:

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I haven’t either but they haven’t caused any waves , no pay cuts , no cuts. Yet

I would be so excited if we traded down and still got Witherspoon. I’m not ready to give up on Okuda but in that situation, I’d let him go. I would be so happy! Then we take Kancey at 18 and I have some choice words I shut the tv off more choice words some American honey more choice words more whiskey and just turn my attention to my cardinals MLB team that does things right.

Remember Slay’s 1st years in the league? There’s a learning curve.

It isnt 20 mil for 1 year. That is the total for 2 years. He has been hurt almost the entire time he has been here. The first half of last season he looked really good for the most part. Many here were saying he was finally turning into the shut down corner we wanted. His trade value is zero. I can see not picking up his option (i would), but i sure would not sell low right now. He fell off a bit when we fired AP… but his Achilles ankle was also wearing down

Nope. I only see 1 worthy first round DT and he seems to be a turd. Benton, AA, and Breesee (in that order) in the 2nd round. Those are my top 4 DTs

These are fun, especially with trades. Not sure on that GB pick tho. All i’ve read is the Pack full go with Love. Where u hearing otherwise?

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In the real draft trades are fun. But they ruin mock drafts for the most part. At least if you are trying to be serious at all. Bullshit fantasy mocks are fun but exactly that.

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You are correct. I was working off my often corrupted memory banks. The 5th year option is 11.5 million.

I don’t think so, especially not for Zeigler where desirable traits, need, and cap space line up.

Given the previous 17 selections, who would you recommend as an improved choice?

It’s the deafening silence of what you’re not hearing. Granted that they don’t have to make a decision until May, but usually there’s some scuttlebutt in one direction or another. When they selected Love himself, it was an unpredictable surprise that came out of left field. Nobody mocked Love to the Packers given their perceived needs, no one. One thing that Green Bay seems to prioritize is high level QB play, I’m not sure they are convinced Love will conquer all.

I think that trying to read a crystal :crystal_ball: ball is an exercise in boredom/lunacy which goes hand in hand with being a Lions fan. :laughing: I did strive for a realistic compensation move and tried to deliver motive that stood up to logic.