TDN: Vikings had the worst draft in the NFC North

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Vikings fell victim to smartest guy in room syndrome.

As the article states, there’s certain things you don’t do: providing division opponents precisely what they want being chief among them.

They’re basically betting their scouts are THAT much smarter and that their positional coaches — whom they just hired and haven’t even evaluated yet — are THAT much better than the rest of the division.

I don’t care what your draft board says. There’s a thin line between innovative and stupid and the Vikings appeared to have obliterated it.


I don’t mind that they “have their own chart.” My issue is using a chart that is so different than everyone else’s that it doesn’t compute correctly. Its like if I walked into a Porsche dealer and the sales guy sold me a brand new one for $30k. Then afterwards he says “well I have a different value chart for the cars we sell.” WTF?

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The Vikings version of Bob Quinn (without the baseball bat).


I sure hope so! If Jameson turns out to be who Holmes thinks he can be, the Vikings may be dreading that trade for years to come. Fingers crossed.


Leave the ViQueens alone! They’re doing just fine.
Great draft Purple!


Hahah! Already too late, man. dude’s an pro bowler if not this year then next.



This thread needs more attention.

I’m not sure people are fully grasping the ramifications Minnesota’s 2022 draft decisions could have, especially long term, on the North.

They provided two division rivals with game changing —maybe division altering—prospects.

Watson and Williams can change an entire game with one play. It’s literally why both Detroit and GB sought to trade. Only Minnesota was standing in the way and they … they just let them each take what they wanted.

This has vibes of ‘89 and the Walker trade.

Year(s) from now, we could be looking back on Minnesota’s decision making last month and marvel at the sheer stupidity of it all.


My prediction, bro. Of the WRs I have seen play, I would most compare him to Randy Moss. Williams looks like a smaller Randy Moss. He’s going to outrun everyone on the field. I din’t think he’ll be quite as good as Moss, but will be that exact type of weapon. MN screwed up. They were also a vehicle for us to get Pashal.

We’re gonna whip their ass twice this year.


Its a colossal amount of stupid. Arm your enemies with hypersonic weapons so you can have a larger number of tanker aircraft and minesweepers?

Where is that gif @REMRebound used to post about how he felt after watching Prometheus?

Close enough


On top of that I read an article from some Vikings report on how they ‘won the trade with Detroit’. They included the trade with GB as part of the trade and marveled at how many players they got for that one #12 pick. LOL


I don’t mind the trading within the division so much. There are times you have to do what you feel is in the best interest of your team and building it.

That said, you have to make it hurt the other team. If they traded 12 for 32, 66, plus the Lions first next year, that hurts. The return they got, nowhere near enough to justify making that deal with anyone, let alone a division rival.


The Vikings trading with the Lions for the Lions to get Jameson Williams is almost the equivalent to the Lions passing on Randy Moss for the Vikings to take him with the very next pick


I can’t even remember, but I feel I do need to say, Raised By Wolves, which theoretically inhabits the same universe, is very weird but pretty interesting?

Also, I need to note: I lobbied hard to name our current golden Ripley but was repeatedly voted down by my philistine daughters.


Isn’t kinda early to say who had the worse draft? On paper lions did great, but nfl is new league.

The Bears easily had the worst draft in the NFC North, still because of the Fields pick.

Had Chicago taken Fields at #20, he still would have sucked and been way over drafted. Instead, they gave up this year’s 1st (Kayvon Thibideaux), 4th and last year’s 5th.


What a pick Terry Fair was!!

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LOL - had to look up philistine.
Got smarter. Laughed out loud.
Thanks, bro.

…in guessing latin root “Phil” meaning love, it was the opposite of what I was thinking. LOL

per google -->early 19th century: from Philistine, originally with reference to a confrontation between university students and townspeople in Jena, Germany, in the late 17th century; a sermon on the conflict quoted ‘the Philistines are upon you’ (Judges 16), which led to an association between the townspeople and those hostile to culture.

Barking up entirely wrong tree …in the wrong woods, actually.

Holmes showed 'em what time it is! :wink:

True, but i do like they got both Cine and Booth JR

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