TE last year, backup QB and RB this year

Am I the only one that thinks that Quin seems like he’s chasing his tail when it comes to filling these positions?
Last year, Quin went all-in on thinking Luke Willson was our new savior at TE and that was a huge swing and a miss.
This year we trusted our new QB coach coming from Houston that Savage was our man at backup QB, that was another big miss.
We went after Malcolm Brown at RB and lost out and then signed CJ anderson…and now he’s gone.
KJ has not proven he’s durable and we’re signing guys off the street again.

I know not every signing is a home-run but geez, what the heck our we even doing? It’s been a turnstile at the QB and RB positions.
I’m not trying to crap on Quin, I’m just sitting here trying to make sense of what we’re doing?

I thought we were supposed to have a new emphasis on pounding the ball? Ok, with who? Guys off the street? Didn’t we do this years ago at WR when we had guys like Kris Durham playing?

Depth at every position is important in the NFL.
I just don’t know what’s going on here. Color me confused.


If they ain’t working out, let em go. The Lions used to be married to players who didn’t fit for way too long.


That is one of the things that I really like about Bob Quinn, he is not afraid to cut bait and move on. I really enjoy churning the roster.

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Perform or you are done. Every player knows if they go out and perform they have a spot on this roster. Agnew & CJ were on the roster because of what they did in the past. Through the first 2 weeks, neither player has impressed. Agnew got benched, CJ cut.

Maybe Agnew will never be the returner he once was but still has value as a back up DB. When your #2 RB is getting outperformed by a rookie that is going balls out every play, your reward the effort.


Watch the hi lights of the RB we just signed. Much more aggressive player. CJ almost looks complacent. New guy is built like a brick, and possibly a part of the future, where Anderson was just a bandaid. Couple that with what they bring to the table. If Ty can gain tough yards better than CJ, then what’s his legitimate role on the roster? Depth? I’m guessing the new dude is much cheaper, and obviously had more big play ability.


Not only with the back up QB and backup RB, but look at all the offseason signings.

James - Huge pay. Been serviceable so far.

Coleman - Huge pay (some say over paid). Been serviceable so far.

Snacks - Gave him an extension of 12MM guaranteed and he hasn’t done a damn thing.

Flowers - Enormous contract. Hasn’t shown up for either game.

Amendola - No issues with this one and he was my biggest question mark at the time.

CJ Anderson - He gone.

Revolving door of QBs’ and we still have no back up. Not even Detroit Public school level material on the roster.

Trying to compare our backup QBs to Detroit Public Schools is an insult to Detroit Public Schools.:rofl:

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Not extending Fells and letting Ebron go w/o a legitimate solution at TE was past stupid, it showed Quin’s lack of knowledge with re to real NFL talent. It hurt the team big time. Knowing that extending Ebron was going to be an issue and then taking Roberts instead of Kittle, who slam dunked the combine and came from a school that has produced NFL TE’s for a long time, was also a joke. The problem at QB is that you already have more money allocated to that position than you should, paying for a good depth player is a pretty tough sell. I think RB is in better shape this year, Ty is doing well and Nick is filling his position nicely. My biggest concerns haven’t changed, OL and WR.

C’mon, let’s not go back and revise history on Kittle. Every single team in the NFL passed on the guy for 4 straight rounds. The 49ers even passed on him 5 times.

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Truth be told I think we should drafted Dalvin Cook. We passed on him and let him fall to THE VIKINGS​:man_facepalming:t6::man_facepalming:t6::man_facepalming:t6::man_facepalming:t6:

I hope he has Zenner on speed dial, but, if Matt goes down, it won’t matter.

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There was only 1 TE taken between Roberts and Kittle, Jake Butt , who was taken 1 pick before Kittle. And THAT was also stupid because Butt was injured and right now is going to have to try and recover from what, his third acl? We also passed on Mark Andrews last year for Walker. While Walker has proven to be a decent pick vacating the TE position of NFL talent cost us big time. There was plenty of reason to take the John Mackey Award winner and unanimous all American.

Seems like one of the things Quin et al. likes to do is “look”. Once Savage went down - consider how many back-up QB’s we’ve “looked” at. Chances are that if we really needed a back-up QB to actually play, it would be a different story - i suspect they would get J Johnson back, since he’s most ready to step in. I suspect we have alot of guys at back up RB and back up QB on speed dial.

If Kittle was such a slam dunk he wouldn’t have lasted until the 5th round and his own team wouldn’t have passed on him 5 times. C’mon. I’m okay pointing out mistakes, but let’s not rewrite history.

The worst part is that backup QB and RB could’ve been legitimately upgraded without a major investment.

Lions RB depth is a joke.

If he’s (JJ) still available and not on another NFCN roster feeding them our offense! Right now, there are enough ex-lions QB’s out there that each NFCN team could pick one up!

Kittle should have never lasted until the 5th round and we had a need. " At the conclusion of the pre-draft process, Kittle was projected to be a third or fourth round pick by NFL draft experts and scouts. He was ranked the fifth best tight end prospect in the draft by NFL analyst Mike Mayock, sixth best by NFL analyst Gil Brandt, and was ranked the eighth best tight end by NFLDraftScout.com.". He won the job of starting TE in camp at SF and btw, he ran a 4.52 40 at the combine. With all this praise for Quin looking and turning over roster he did a poor job of trying to fill what would be his biggest need in the following year.

Making a general statement that Kittle should have gone higher is fine, but the idea that one GM in particular is an idiot for passing on the same player even the team that drafted him passed on 5 times is being silly.

It might be silly but how many of those teams that passed were in need of a TE where we picked? And then to pass on Andrews the next year simply showed that Quin had no clue with re to our need. Then this year we have to use a #1 pick AND overpaid to just make sure that we had a #2 TE. The fact that we don’t have any TE’s on the roster from last season and none of them to my knowledge are even on an NFL roster further points out just how badly Quin did in assessing the situation.

The 49ers apparently had a need at TE and passed on him 5 times. Every team that took a TE must have had a need, and there were 8 of those teams that passed on him. Every single team in the league passed on him for 4 straight rounds. There were a total of 14 teams that took TEs in the draft, which is also to say that half the league demonstrated by their drafting that they had a need a TE and they all passed on Kittle for 4 straight rounds. And again I will say that his own team passed on him 5 times.

Kittle turned out to be a real find in the 5th round. But let’s not make him out to be some no brainer pick that everybody saw coming. Even his own team didn’t see it coming, or else they wouldn’t have passed on him 5 times.