Team game balls! Lots of guys to call out for win

Wow so many guys deserve kudos for todays win. In no order

MCDC leadership
Ben johnson solid play calling
Aaron glenn solid defense calls
Holmes and staff for the depth thru injuries

Netflix- stepping up and filling need and that block
Goff- who says he wont throw a 50/50 ball
Jamo- coming down with a clutch 50/50 ball for a td while having to turn around… a very hard catch to make
Reynolds- clutch catch after clutch catch
St brown- clutch catch after clutch catch
Laporta- clutch
The oline for holding a very good defense from sacking goff more
Analzone- stud coverage out of backfield
D backs for holding up just long enough
D line and linebackers for shutting down the run again.
Fox for clutch punt late inside 2


AA quieting lots of people!

Crow being served


I’m first in line, and it tastes sooo good!

Amon St Brown is definitely 1 for me.

Other good players: Goff, Anzalone, good team effort overall.


I thought Anzalone had a great game. Especially after what that guy went through , much love and props to him. And he’s been a leader on our D for a long time.


Game balls? Here you go

Game ball - Lions fans - for taking over another stadium!

The stadium was roaring on that final Bucs drive. It was a home field advantage in the final 4 minutes.

The post-game videos are amazing, yet again!..and again!..and again!!!


I find this astonishing.

As long as I have been alive… the Lions have struggles on the road.
Even when we have had a “decent” team… it seemed like we would go 2-6 on the road… and maybe 7-1 at home.

Now the road games look like what we expect to see tomorrow night at SoFi…. where the Chargers fans routinely pale in comparison to when they host the Cowboys, Steelers, or 49ers.

Lambeau in primetime…
Tampa in first place….

this has been crazy.


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