Teams have gone crazy… Trade down offer will be there-

The Jags have set up to draft Hutch, then a CB at #33…. Cam and Scherff is like 30M to the OL and plenty at WR…

The Giants have no money and the Jets have been active….

#2 and #97….for #5, Saquan, and 2nd rounder


  1. J Johnson

  2. J Brisker or Dax Hill

  3. G Pickens or C Watson

  4. Travis Jones or P Winfrey

  5. D Clark or C Tindall

S Barkley

In - Draft Willis and that GIANT DT, and BPA between Top WR or DE?

Well it’s going to suck if the guy we really want who is a dead fit here goes #1 to The DJags. Suppose there’s always a chance they prefer Thibbs. But probably not.

If I’m trading with the Giants I’m trying to get their 2023 first back.

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Not interested in renting Barkley, a guy who has missed 15 of the last 33 games, makes $7 million and is a free agent next season. The current ask, " Zack Rosenblatt of has reported that the Giants would be open to dealing Barkley in return for a third or fourth round pick." If we are trading and taking a player then get a S or LB.


So many teams are building to be a flash in the pan, “win now”, at the cost of consistency.
The Jags set the WR market ridiculously high.
If Hutch goes 1oa, I hope one of those “win now” teams offers us the moon and stars, but, I just don’t see anyone worth trading up for.

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