Teams that might want to move-up to pick 7?

Who are the teams that might want to trade-up to pick 7?

The one that stands-out to me is the 49’ers. If they want to move-on from Jimmy G, they have picks 12 and 43. Pick 7 = 1500 points, pick 12 and 43= 1670 points…but if the Niners want to move-up they’ll overpay a bit.

Having picks 12, 41, 43, 72, 88, 106, and 140…6 picks in the top 106, we’d have to hit on a few of those picks I’d hope.

Who are the other teams that might want to trade-up?


It wouldn’t surprise me to see WFT get aggressive at all. They’re apparently looking at Fields.

One Ohio State burnout wasn’t enough for them, huh?


You can guess what their fans think about that.

Niners, Pats, WTF most likely candidates, provided one of the QBs is still around AND Carolina hasn’t already sorted out their QB situation or traded up to like #3 to draft Wilson/Fields.

I think the teams who want the 3rd QB off the board will have to trade higher than #7. If Lions trade back it will be with a team who wants the second WR off the board.

I think it’ll be for the 4th QB. Lance, basically.

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Agreed. Lance is perfect for Shannahan’s offense. He’s raw but bristling with upside. Heck, I wouldn’t be totally shocked if the Lions selected Lance.


This is what I was thinking too, bro.

IF that - I think we’ll be lucky to trade back, this year. Not seeing it, but fingers crossed.

Question is would they request draft capital this year, or next year in return. I guess I understand the logic of gaining higher picks for next year(with how things are this years while everything is still locked down from COVID as far as accessibility to prospects is concerned) as it would allow the current regime time to gel and scout as a cohesive group and also time to go over the current roster. So it wouldn’t totally shock me to see them swapping this years first round picks and the Lions requesting a higher round pick next year(probably higher then we would have received this year as future draft picks never seems to be valued quite as high to teams- kind of short sighted IMO)

I wouldn’t discount the idea of a team moving up to get an OT.

Us moving up to get an OT?..or are you referring to another team moving-up to get an OT?

I think its more likely a team trades up for WR or OT.

Probably should have read the remainder of the thread before posting. Glad to see others share my thoughts.

You started the thread and don’t know the answer to that? :laughing:

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I wasn’t sure if you were including us in that group.

Why would we want to move up to pick 7? We already have it!

*see Millen and Marinelli


It’s exceedingly rare that a team trades up for a receiver in the top ten. In fact I can only think of it ever happening once, the Julio Jones trade. And none of these guy are the sort of physical freak Jones was. I’m 99% sure nobody’s coming up for a WR. And on the rare chance that they are, they don’t need to jump Carolina to do it.

Sammy Watkins

Agreed, but I can’t see a team trading up for the 4th QB in the draft either. At that point, I thought it more likely a team trades up for an OT or possibly one of the top WRs.