Tee Higgins?

Cincy apparently can’t afford him right now after Burrow’s deal even though we all know the cap is fake. Maybe sniff around and see what their price is. I’m guessing he will want a 3-4yr deal around 15-16mil/yr which we can make work. He isn’t a burner but he is fast enough and reliable.

Reynolds/2024 1st for Higgins/2024 2nd or 3rd or even Jamo/2nd for Higgins straight up? I think we would need to throw them a WR back so they have something behind Chase. Not sure who their 3rd is.

please don’t turn this into yet another Jamo thread
I used him because I think he has value but is unproven and right now Higgins would be an upgrade. Hopefully since there is a 99.9% chance we don’t trade him he is leading the league in yards/TD’s/catch % by a wide margin on his way to league and SB MVP trophies.

You make a preposterous suggestion regarding jamo then request that it’s not turned into a jamo thread.



Bengals are not trading Higgins during the season. They have a shot at a SB, you dont worry about acquiring draft picks in that situation. I doubt they even trade him next offseason. They will tag him for one more year and draft a replacement.


He got zero points in fantasy. He’s way better than that.

You never know. The afc is a loaded conference. Of the bengals start slow they could possibly trade him. He’s a free agent next season. I don’t see them losing enough for it to happen but stranger things have occurred.

If Tee Higgins is willing to sign for 15m AAV, there is no shot they let him go.


Typical Lion fan under value are players an over value another teams player in a trade. Those ideas for trade are way way over pay. Second I would like to have him but not over paying . We can add a high draft pick WR next draft an resign Reynolds he is happy in Detroit lets see how well he does. We then have Jamo an Brown an Kalif signed along with Green for next season.

We can sign him next season no beans lost.

I don’t see it happening.

It would be a one year rental unless you could get him to agree to a long term deal prior to the trade. Why would he want to do that over testing the FA market? It’s in his best interest to test the market.

CIN is a contender and losing him would hurt their chances. It’s in their interest to keep him and hope they can find a way to resign him. If they lose him to FA they likely get a 3rd round comp pick in return. So it will take more than a 3rd to get him.

I just don’t see Holmes giving up a 2nd rounder for him on a one year rental. That would be stupid. Not to mention if he managed to work out a long term deal that would likely mean either Brown or Jamo won’t get extended down the road.

It’s best to find a one year rental that you can get for a 5th rounder or less. I think that would be more plausible.

Wait until the trade deadline and see who is in the tankathon race and try to get a veteran WR of this squad.

I wonder if we could persuade LV to trade us Adams and we could help them clear his cap space for them?

I’m not sure I follow, and normally I agree with the majority of your takes.

So don’t pay 18-20M to Tee because in 4 years we might not be able to pay Jamo?

Jamo is cheap for 2 more, and reasonable in 2026

ASB is cheap next year, in yr 1 of new deals n25’ it will be reasonable.

We will be dirt cheap at TE the next 3

  • Higgins- by year 3 of his new money- he likely be a net neutral to trade or cut if need be?

You have to pay ARSB first and if you have 35-40 mil a year tied up in two WR’s you won’t be resigning anyone else until you can clear one.

Highly unlike unless we’re looking for a one year rental and it would cost too much to get him for a one year rental.

Lastly I don’t think Tee would agree to a long term deal without testing FA unless you pony up some big guarantees.

It’s just very unlikely for a lot of reasons.