Teryl Austin's agent accuses Lions of sham interview after Caldwell firing

Not surprised at all here. Patricia was always the guy they were going to hire.


We should have fired Caldwell and then given Caldwell the token interview


I think it’s true and since Quintricia are gone…the only other fall guy available is Rod Wood. Everything has changed since that time, even the owner.

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See, this is what I was mentioning in the other thread. Austin knew it was a sham. Everyone knew who was getting the job. EVERYONE.

This has been accepted as good experience for the prospect. If they don’t want the experience, don’t let yourself be part of the dog and pony show.

In hindsight, I wish Quinn had been blackballed by every prospective coach. Everyone knew Patricia was his target when he first hired in and he took the first chance he could to fire Caldwell.


No one can legitimately accuse the Fords of race discrimination.

Larry Lee was one of the few, if only, front office executives for the Lions in the 90s, serving as vice president of football operations before Millen arrived.

After the Matt Millen debacle for nearly a decade, the Lions promoted Martin Mayhew to GM.

They now have Brad Holmes as GM.

Trying to include the Fords in this cancel culture B.S. is B.S.


Sham rules = shame interviews.
Not sure what the answer is but I doubt that even 1 team would confirm that they hired anyone based on this requirement.


What would the Raiders have done but conduct sham interviews had they wanted to make Biasca the permanent HC?

Is there any allowance for making an interim permanent without having to conduct the minority interviews?

Some older lions players jerry ball? And another guy had a podcast and they were going through how the lions org has been racist for years back to when spielmna was playing. I’ll have to find the link to post it. But maybe others have seen it too?

“You never said the exit interview didn’t count!”

What I think is absolutely ridiculous is, for example, the Saints wanted to hire Aaron Glenn, they could bring him in and hire him without interviewing anyone else. I get why the Rooney Rule was implemented, but you will always have GM’s who get hired who want their buddy to be the HC. I am sure Schoen and Daboll have talked for years about Schoen getting a GM job and Daboll coming with. Is there anything wrong with that? If the GM hired was a minority and he had a buddy who he wanted to be a HC and he was a minority would it make a difference?

I am sure Austin’s interview was a sham because Quinn knew who he wanted before they even conducted interviews. Do you really think an interview with Patricia was what swayed Quinn when they worked together for years before that?

At the end of the day, if a GM hires a HC and he sucks his ass is on the line. You really think he isn’t trying to hire the person he thinks gives the team the best chance at success?

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And hired him again with a raise

This discussion allegations against the NFL is not cancel culture. I don’t understand how you equate the two.

The Ford’s track record of minority hiring can be strong while they still messed up the rules by trusting guys they hired to follow them. Maybe that’s the fault of having a President who doesn’t have league background

Still can point to BQ but he reports to President and owner who should be pressing for the best candidates.

What id enjoy seeing next is Lions calling out Accorsi and by proxy the NFL as to why their consultants land on the same guys , in this case a terrible hire who Accorsi said was impressively prepared!
Grrrrr That makes me mad lol


I think Lions withh Caldwell might’ve actually bad it happen as they wanted Wiz
But then csldwell really also impressed during interview. If so that would be example of it working
He was also hired by a black GM tho so

Lions have seem progressive in comparison to peers

I would be more happy w/o the Rooney Rule and no minorities getting interviewed than a token interview.

It’s 2022. I have more love for an honest racist than one who hides it.

As they say keep it :100:

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The question is, does it pay to be a racist here, because there’s a lot of money at stake. If you don’t hire the best person for the job, how much did you potentially leave on the table?

I think this will be their one compelling argument, the league I mean.

If you make me do 2 minority interviews per hire, then there is always one guy if not both who can claim they got shamwowed.


Ooooh, thats good.

They can claim both incompetence ( the actual truth, that asshole Accorsi) and that there weren’t enough qualified candidates ( BS, but plausibly deniable)


They did the sham interviews when they appoint Gruden a few years back. Think they got fined for it

This thing w Austin is what I meant about why they made it a class action…they get a lot of benefit by finding guys with complaints that now have a forum and cover…now whether each class participant has a good case…well that matters less now…all they need to find are a couple Hue Jackson like deals where there is documentation ( I mean for the shamwowing, not the tanking/illegal inducements) since the Daboll one is what gave Flores the credibility to get people on board

But that’s not the same as trying to make an interim permanent.