Thank you Stafford

For the franchise altering trade




Hated seeing him go.
Loving the results.


Is this the curse ender for the Bobby Layne trade? Just seems our fortunes have been on the upswing since

Interesting to consider that it started with a qb from the same hometown as stafford being traded from the lions against his wishes and seems to have possibly ended by tading the qb that was meant to break the curse but we did right by the player this time.

If anything may have broken it, its either that orrrrr jeff daniels with his cleansing ritual…

Either one

Honestly I don’t think it has anything to do with QBs. Or Jeff Daniels. We finally hired the right coach / gm. That’s it.

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Maybe trading another franchise QB cancelled the curse from the previous franchise QB being traded? Kinda like two wrongs did make a right.

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Lies, it has to have been some mystical intervention, now way the lions ownership had just been that terrible at judging people that long

It’ll never happen but part of me would like to see him come up to be a backup to Goff or Hooker in a year or two to finish his career.

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