Thanksgiving game

I know this is a long ways out, without even knowing our opposition yet. But I’m in Montana and this will require lots of pre-planning. My #1 bucket list item has been turkey day game and then Michigan vs suckeyes at the big house. Seems like no bigger excitement on both than now so looking at getting this checked off with my youngest son.
My question for here is…

  1. Best options for tickets to either or both games without going broke lol… any season ticket holders here that won’t be going to either?

Thanks guys

The Lions game shouldn’t be that hard to get tickets for because a lot of season ticket holders don’t go to that game.

UofM OSU…good luck.

Ya UM is pricing out as more than airfare right now. It’s a once in a lifetime trip for me tho sooooo lol

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Get yourself a sugar daddy and make him pay for it. That’s what I did.

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