That Derrick Henry Stiff Arm

hahaha - Thought some of you guys might get a kick out of this.

Henry is such a beast.


Wow that’s some stuff arm. The guy flys 5 yrds in the air.

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I was watching the game with my dad and he was like “holy shit, what a stiff arm!!! Sorry pat”

i was like “its okay, the dude took horrible angle and its the lions… :man_facepalming: :joy: :rofl: :roll_eyes:

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I’ve ran over a few people, but I’ve never thrown a stiff arm like that before. I remember as a kid we used to play with a guy named Andrew that would throw those kind of stiffarms though. He wasn’t even that much bigger than us either…just strong as a bull for his size and had perfect timing.

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It really looks like Henry has it figured out. They look similar. He’s got the timing and motion down pat.

I wonder if you played them side by side and in synced slow mo, you’d see very similar motions, torque, body positions by him.

Ha thanks for sharing that.

God I wish we had a football player like that instead of these soft pansies we field every week.

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I have to agree. This team seems soft especially in the back 7 of the defense. I want to see guys laying the Wood. The only player that loves to lay the wood is Jamie Collins and Jarrad Davis. Unfortunately, Davis is always out of position.

It sounds like its time for another practice day in the snow before a dome game!

The Lions skill players always want to hurdle everyone.
I bet Derrick Henry has never hurdled anyone.