That GUY

Every year we all watch college games, read scouting reports, look at mock drafts and watch the combine. There is always THAT ONE GUY we would like to see in a lions uniform and I am not talking Top 10 talent. AND it isn’t necessarily 1st round guys. so here is the question who is your guy and what round do you think he will be available?

Mine is Darnell Washington TE
he is the best blocking TE in this draft as a matter of fact, he may be a better blocker than most tackles in this draft. He has above average speed for a big man. And he catches the ball VERY well. In his comments at his pro day, he said he loves blocking. Perfect fit for MCDC and this offense. I think he goes in the top half of round 2.

This post isn’t about bashing other posts, which most of us are good at, it is about someone that may help the team. Tell us your guy. love to hear about some late round guys who don’t get much press. Like jake moody in the 6th or 7th?


Drew Sanders


I would actually love Darnell Washington as well. He is absolutely massive and would basically be a 6th o-linemen out there.

I have a feeling he goes in the bottom 1/4 of the first round. But he would be a great pick in the second round.

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I will second Drew. Once I watched his film I was like:

Give Me Yes GIF by HULU


I really feel like people are sleeping on this kid… He’s going to be a star

Great topic…. I have a few at each projected pick….

I’m all for trading back to 7-11 and scooping a 2nd, or even just a 3rd and 4th…. But I’ll stay where we are for this…

  1. Gonzalez or Jaxson Smith Njigba
  2. Adebawore or Darnell Washington
  3. Jack Campbell or Keanu Benton
  4. Sydney Brown or Julius Brent
  5. Tajae Spears or Trey Palmer
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Can you work on your posts always numbering your pics all ■■■■■■ up? I have gotten to the point where i ignore them because i dont feel like trying to figure out what number or round you are suggesting. Pretty please brother? Not trying to be a dick


I’ll stick with TE but a different player

This Dalton Kincaid guy, as a West Coast Pac12 guy never really heard of him until I noticed him during random games

He Shirley “ain’t no blocking” TE, but if you’re looking for the next Travis Kelce, this guy may be the one

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DaWayne McBride is the guy I have been telling people to watch his tape since the off season started. I see him as a poor man’s Nick Chubb with the ability to grow into a similar player. High character, high effort, monster in the weight room. He’s my guy and he should be there bottom of the 4th.

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Keanu Benton is my guy but I like a lot of your guys choices as well. I have a little boner for Chase Brown too for some reason

Campbeii or Mazi on day two would tickle my fancy. Schoonmaker on day three would be the icing

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Bijan Robinson
We’ll get a DT, Safety, LB and whatever else. Nobody else will have the impact that Robinson will. He’s a multiple threat beast!


JL Skinner!


I think Leos will need speed at LB to address running QBs so my guy is Daiyan Henley.

I also like RB Eric Gray late for his elusiveness and burst.

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Schoonmaker is a day 2 pick from what I’ve read in insider blogs. His stock has really risen.


I don’t pay much attention to amateurs but I’ve been beating the drum for Caleb Murphy for months, so why stop now?


[✂️ Murphy Shrine Bowl - YouTube](https://Shrine Bowl Sack)

Rated a 6th rounder, I’d make sure I got him earlier


Brant Kuithe was an even better player for the Utes prior to his injury. Shame he’s not in the draft.

haha hit him with the pretty please !!!

@Lyonfan1 type 6- or 18- dont use )

Mazi Smith for me (although he is rising now?). Super strong, good motor, does a lot of things well, hard worker, good teammate.

Probably really doesn’t count, but JSN will be very good I believe. If he is outside of the top ten, I think we need to take a hard look.


Kei’Trel Clark or Clark Phillips III. Small guys that see themselves as giants.

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