That GUY

This is not the draft for wr blazers. None of the fast guys are as fast as in an average class

The odds of any running back playing for 8-10 years in this league has to be around 1%… and definitely not a healthy stud the whole time.

I love Bijan but we would maybe get 3 good seasons and a couple injured… kinda like Saquan’s career…

I was at that game, one of the best games I have ever attended.

Yeah. I’m familiar with the team. Watched YouTube highlights quite a bit. Love watching Rozier before he tore up his knee in Houston.

I started watching Nebraska in the late 80s. They were routinely getting their Teeth kicked in by faster southern (mostly Florida schools) in the bowl games. And then Osborn did the Jimmy Johnson thing and moved safeties up to LBer, etc and suddenly their D matched up.

Excited to see what Ruhle can do. Doubt they’ll ever be a powerhouse again but I think competent teams are incoming.

I like Vorhees, but I think he might be better off with a different team than us cuz he’s powerful but a little stiff. We ideally need a little bit more athletic guys like Jonah.

Getting him in like the 6th would be great. Talk about a chip on your shoulder.

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I think he’s an underrated fit here as well

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