That’s it. Stop defending him

This is irresponsible keeping him as a coach.

I’ve never seen anything so bad in my 30+ years.


Yes you have. You’ve seen plenty of things exactly as bad as this.


No, I haven’t. Neither have you. Stop acting like this is normal or acceptable. You deserve better.

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This is literally a new low for coaching. He needs to be fired at the conclusion of this game. Win or lose.

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0-16 was just as bad as this.

No, it wasn’t.

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Lol go eat some turkey with your family, you bitter clown.

Campbell is the “Matt Millen” of coaches


From mooch to marinelli to schwartz to caldwell to fatty patty and now dc we have had joke coaching. Blow this shit up. 3 games lost on last minute fgs another tie cause we don’t got a fkn kicker worth a damn this team is trash. I said before this regime that if it ain’t work this time I was out well it’s apparent that we’re in the same boat as always with the sol and sol coaching buffoonery.

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Multiple 12 men on the field penalties.

Lining up 10 yards off the line on a crucial 3rd and 4.

Back to back timeouts.

Horrible playcalling.

All on coaching.


Lol don’t choke on your kool aid, little one.

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Explain to me how this is worse than managing to lose every single game when you have Calvin Johnson. Go for it.

Ok, re-watch today’s game. Kthxbai.

Not to mention having an almost 1,000 yard rusher.

It seems to me this is like comparing what poop smells worse though.


It’s like he coached them to hold whenever they approached field goal range.

“We might score? Can’t have that!!”



But to be honest, I don’t even really care anymore.
The league could dissolve this franchise and i wouldn’t shed a tear.


All I can do is laugh, Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Don’t let this pathetic team ruin your day.


Jon kitna was our starting qb in his 14th season as a pro or some shit like that. Calvin was in his second season as a pro and had no one opposite him. We trotted kris Durham out there with negation before he was megatron. We had no one on defense and I mean no one. That team was atrocious and anyone watching could see how deficient that team was. There was no fight no grit nothing to be like damn at least that went right. That year was a shit show. But to be so close and lose because of coaching is a new low for the lions. We lose cause of talent, refs other shit alright we got beat out coach loses us the game and that’s a ISSUE of the largest sort

Watch Dan Orlovsky running out of the end zone. Tell me that’s better.

The 2008 team had more talent, better players.