That Van Noy guy

If only we had a LBer like that. He can cover tackle, rush the passer. Wonder if we could trade a third round pick for him…

Right, pretty weird how proper usage and coaching can really change a player.
Let’s all keep this in mind when Stafford has a great year in 2019.


I think he would thrive in Patricia’s defense for obvious reasons. Either Caldwell and Austin didn’t know how to use him or he figured something out in NE.

Either way, something that gets ignored all too often is that Davis’ stats were better than KVN, but all this fanbase does is bash him.

It happens every single time someone leaves; Lions fans get happy the dude “finally” got cute or traded … Lions fans follow their career like stalking an ex on social media, and the whole time they say:

“I know we should’ve held on to them …”


So, wait, you’re saying Lions fans get happy about cute guys?


Haha …


I don’t bash Davis as much as some. I’ll definitely facepalm the too oft missed tackle…

But I still remember the light that went on for Levy his third year. By all reports Davis is a gym and film rat and I am optimistic he can become a force for us

I’d still like to draft another LBer though. I’d be happy pickin White in the first.

Then maybe take a look at Dennard in FA to play opposite slay. Bring the kid back to Michigan

LBs take time to develop, to be sure.

Way too soon to give up on Davis.


Chicago has Floyd and Smith and traded for Mack, it’s worked out pretty well for them. LBers are the most important position in Patricia’s defense. I fully expect White to be the pick of he’s on the board.

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He is currently thriving in Patricia’s defense. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Oh, that’s better.:astonished:

Suh played, “too fast”, as well. He will get a feel for the speed of the play. Young guys need time to adjust to the speed of the NFL and sometimes over adjust.

I feel like Davis made massive improvements toward the end of last season.

Yep, our problem hasn’t been taking NFL players per se, it has been taking them too high. When you take a player in the first you expect immediate results regardless of position.

sucks that Levy got hurt. That dude was awesome!

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I mean…some players turn it around when they realize their draft status doesn’t promise them a spot on the roster, leading to a come to Jesus moment with their new team.

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