The #1 DB in the draft is

Also happens to be the #1 LB in the draft. Isaiah Simmons.

He played CB more than any other position in 2019. He played DB (either slot CB, wide CB or S) over half of his plays.

He’s exactly what you want in today’s pass happy NFL. A LB/DB combo that can line up all over the field. Most NFL LB’s get picked on by opposing OC’s. How many times have we seen Detroit’s LB’s get eaten alive in pass coverage?

He can line up all over the place yet you really don’t know what position he’s playing. Lines up as slot CB like man but he’s really playing OLB in zone. He’s got the speed to eat up ground fast.

The more I watch him the more I think he’s a once in a generation type of player.


He should be strongly considered …I like what he brings to the table too!!

Is he what this staff want’s though? Unfortunately the evidence doesn’t support that.

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Starting to warm up.

I think Simmons at FS would be a QB’s wet dream. They would abuse him and target him and show why he is a LB or an in the box Safety.
As an outside CB he would be eaten alive at the NFL level and targeted on nearly every passing play …The Simmons hype train is in full force .

Don’t get me wrong the kid is unique and has skills and is an asset on Defense.
In today’s NFL against TE’s and RB’s and he has some Elite speed … The idea that he could be an outside CB in the NFL is insane . Or that he could cover a receiver like Ruggs in the Slot .

Simmons could not cover Amari Cooper with Cooper having one hand tied behind his back


Much better value than Okudah, but I still want Young or Tua as a great consolation prize. 3rd choice is Simmons.

Been saying it all along!!!

NYL, the list of CB/DB that can cover Cooper is very short.

I have not been on the Simmons train, till recently. By adding a player with his skills, is an addition by subtraction.

Adding Simmons, puts depth in several different positions, which can save you by not adding a player when an injury happens in a position that can be covered by Simmons. When your in week 10 let’s say, and Coleman has a strained hammy. He needs to miss a week or maybe 2. (Hammy and time missed is just examples) If Simmons is better than CD/DB depth at the time, you slide him to slot, and have depth guy or rotational guy fills in for Simmons. (no need to try and find one on the streets) This allows the game to continue to flow.

No learning curve in game flow from a player on practice squad or a player no one wanted at the beginning of the season to start with. We all know disruption will occur when players are brought in. Simmons being the gamer he is, slide him over and let’s continue kicking ass. And how many positions can he play? :wink: Just my thoughts.

Simmons is a hell of a prospect I agree.

He is not covering NFL WR’s in the slot …He is not a CB that can cover NFL WR’s …

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Agreed. Select in this order, as it orders itself (preferably with a trade down, in scenario 2/3)

  1. Young
  2. Simmons
  3. Okudah



WCLF is back! Howdy bud.

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I have no problem with Simmons at 3…

Like mentioned above he is better value than a CB in the top 5…

Teams have to game plan for him immediately!


Yeah I think the Simmons hype is a bit much.

I don’t see the best LBer or the Best safety when I watch him. I do see potential and big upside but he’s a project that struggles in traffic.

Anyone drafting him top 10 will be doing so base on his potential.


The NFL Draft, where Liins hope springs eternal:

I’d prefer Simmons over Okudah… can’t get over the fact that Okudah had the potential #2 overall pick terrorizing opposing QB’s… that’s got to make his cover skills look better.

I’ve heard a rumor applying pressure to QB’s and not giving them 10-15 seconds to throw makes them not as accurate… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Come on air! Don’t fall for the ‘he doesn’t have a position so he’s a project stuff’! He won the Butkus (obviously people think he’s an LB) and had more sacks than any Butkus winner since Von Miller.

My dude is a MANIMAL. The ultimate defensive chess piece or JOKER!


That is all.


Your falling for the hype.

I played a very similar role in Div III ball myself. I’ve provide plenty of video evidence on this board to support what I’m saying. Haven’t you seen it?

He’s a project no doubt. He struggles in traffic. I’ve provided video evidence to support this. He is sometimes slow to react. I’ve provided video evidence to support this. As for most of his sacks. They came when the defense overloaded the OL and he blitz uncovered. I’ve also provided video evidence of this. Don’t fall for the hype.

With that said. I love his upside but I don’t think he’s worthy of a top 10 pick.


It’s close between him and Young IMO. Both would be huge wins for Detroit. If we don’t end up with one of the 2, the draft will be another failure.

The only players in this draft that are worthy of #3 for me are

Chase Young, J.Okudah & J.Herbert …Simmons is a Top Talent his attributes are stellar …The value of a guy in Simmons at LB is his coverage ability and length …Being a spy on dual threat QB’s , covering TE’s , delayed blitzes through clean holes or from wide out …His value will come at LB playing clean of having to shed or as a 3rd Safety . Can he put on some weight and keep it on …Can you live with him not diagnosing run plays quick enough or being fooled by motion or misdirection in the run game … he has holes in his game …Questions that put him out of top 3 guys for me …he is top 10 though and even at #5 if Okudah is gone .

Air, our defense was a steaming pile of dog stuff in 2019, worst in the league. Simmon’s wasn’t playing football at all until 2017. He was competing on Clemson’s Track & Field team in 2016 in the long jump. In 2017 Isaiah Simmons’ debuted on the football field @ Safety , He had 49 tackles , 3 for loss , 5 pass breakups in 14 games. Clemson’s DC Brent Venables moved IS to Outside Linebacker in 2018 ; Simmon’s had 89 tackles , 9 for loss , 1 INT , 3 forced fumbles. Isiah considered entering the draft in 2019 yet decided to return …then he got 102 tackles , 16 for loss , 8 sacks , and 3 INT’s, that earned him the Butkus Award as the nations top Linebacker.
Clemson used him all over the place: Linebacker , Edge Rusher , Safety , Nickelback , Outside Cornerback. Isaiah Simmons excelled in every one . He has outstanding speed , fluidity and explosiveness as an multi-functional defender that shows great man to man coverage skills , and he can hound QB’s as a blitzer as an outside rusher. He’d give our new DC options how and where to use him on our weak defense. This is not “hype” it’s fact…to say Simmons is all hype and that is all he is ….is a stand/ an opinion. to say "well we can’t use him anywhere…isn’t true. I’m not a Pro NFL DC , but the garbage we put on exhibit last season?? Isaiah Simmons can be used here.