The 4-0 49ers

For real or mirage?
They’ve beat the Bucs, Bengals, Steelers, Browns
Not exactly a gauntlet
Next up
Rams (in LA), Redskins, Panthers, AZ

If they beat the Rams they could start 8-0

I didn’t see this coming …
Real or mirage?

They’re a winning club, that is for sure real. That DL of 1st round picks is pretty cool. Seeing Tomlinson play like a starter is a relief. Lynch has definitely out-performed Millen, whom he drew many comparisons to when he landed the job.

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If real equals likely playoff team, they are real.

If real equals championship contender, I am not there yet.

I’m not sure how “real” they are other than I love Kyle Shanahan and he’s one of the best football minds we’ve got. He’s the kind of guy I’d be willing to hire as an owner and just ride it out until the end. And if we aren’t winning, I start replacing GMs, not my HC.

But getting back to the 2019 49ers. I could see them going on a magical ride this season, but I think they’ve got some holes in their secondary that might get exposed later in the year. We’ll see. When you can get after the QB, obviously that hides some secondary issues. I love what they’ve done at the receiver position. Just tons of talented bodies everywhere, rather than relying on some “true #1” and a bunch of also rans. I can’t wait to see Jalen Hurd get back healthy and integrate into Shanahan’s offense.

Man, would love that schedule!

So the NFCW is keeping Pace with the NFCN but the N schedule is tougher.

Like Wes said Shanahan is a very good coach and SF could go on a run. I am not ready to crown them as this was a brutal spot for Cleveland… but they have some play makers on offense, a very strong dline and a quality HC; who is usually ahead of the curve. They are a playoff team… but I don’t see them contending.

I am not a believer in Jimmy G… and frankly I am not sure he is more than a backup.

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The first play from scrimmage was pretty cool last night. Breida bursts thru the hole and flat out pulls away from the Browns’ safety and waves “bye bye” as he heads to the end zone. Absolute elite speed. Wish we had a back that could change a game in like 10 seconds.

Also, Jimmy G seems to have the “it” factor. He might not fill the stat sheet every night, but he’s just a winner. I am not sure how often he’s allowed to change the plays at the line, but it seems like they run a ton of plays that expose the other teams defense.

They’re definitely real. I don’t think they are 13-3 real, but they are a really balance football team and that’s enough to keep you competitive against everyone.

The 49ers are definitely surprising. I will say, I dont think they are near as good as what they looked last night. Last night was much more indicative of where Cleveland is at…

I sent a message to my buddies, watching 49ers vs Cleveland looked more like Alabama vs SCLSU Muddogs football. SF was running for damn near 10 yards a carry. Hell if Cleveland stopped them for a 7 yard game, it was a hell of a play by the defense. SF ran for 275 yards. Thats insanity!

49ers completely gashed Cleveland’s run “defense”. In addition, their talented front feasted on the complete lack of a left side of Cleveland’s offensive line. Its really easy to look good when you’ve got 2 guys in the damn huddle every single play, and on offense you can choose whether to run left, right or center on this play and be good for 10+. That game was as bad of a massacre as a college football powerhouse vs DII game

They absolutely pounded the Browns. I’d say they are real. They could win their division and any team that does is a contender in my book.

If they run the ball like that they are absolutely for real. I do think their success on offense is somewhat predicated on the game script. I think they could be an elite playing with a lead club and a marginal come from behind team on offense.

Defensively their back seven has some issues but that front four is dominant.

I think they are probably still a few players away from being a serious super bowl contender but they are fun as hell to watch.

That Dline…oof. Glad they’re not on our schedule. Unless it’s a home playoff game of course.

Glad the Pack has to play them…

Agree. Seems to be a good system, and laden with talent. I’m not convinced on the QB. I hope we catch that team in the playoffs. I want to see that matchup (in Detroit, of course)

To me they are a good team but they have not even been tested at all.

That has to be the easiest first 8 games in the history of the NFL. The first 8 teams they play(ed) are really bad or barely mediocre

Bucs 2-3
Bengals 0-5
Steelers 1-4
Browns 2-3

Then the Rams 3-2
Redskins 0-5
Panthers 3-2
AZ 1-3-1

That really might be the softest first 8 games a team has ever gotten to start with.

I think we need to see them against better competition to really know where they are. But for now…they are in 1st Place in in the NFCW and that is what they are

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That what I was thinking
The schedule has been relatively ez for them
The Rams in LA will be their biggest test season to date
But if they win that … 8-0 49’ers is very possible
Blows me away

San Fran looked fast a lot of positions.

You are what you are in the NFL. The 49ers are 4-0.

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