The 4th QB taken

In 2021 is killing it today. 18-21 for almost 200 yards, 2 TD’s and they’re in the red zone and it’s still the 3rd quarter. Sure, NE was in a better position for a QB to be successful but man he looks really good today.

Justin Fields doesn’t play for NE :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Now 3 TD’s, 19-23. Some of these were thrown into some really tight coverage, he’s been really, really good.

As it turns out… you dont have to take a no brainer #1 overall pick at QB to be successful

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Jones is becoming probably the best QB in the class. Just don’t see him being good here though.

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Not surprised Jones is this good. I think SF caved to pressure whey they took Lance instead.

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I wasn’t sold on Lance at all.

The Lance stuff with SF came out of nowhere and seemed weird.

Easily playing the best of the rookie QBs. May be rookie of the year if not for Chase.

It’s still weird.

I think they thought they had a deal lined up for Jimmy G and it didn’t work out.

  1. Trevor Lawrence
  2. Zach Wilson
  3. Trey Lance
  4. Justin Fields
  5. Mac Jones
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It didn’t come out of no where, it was just stupid. No int’s and a national champion, if you were looking you had to consider it. But…it was one season, one. I did then and still do like the QB who was ahead of him, Easton Stick, who is a backup and was I think a 5th round pick. Stick set records for wins and won every game when Carson Wentz went down. This draft got super pumped as a once-in-a-lifetime QB draft, I never bought into it, still don’t.

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That’s what happens when you go off memory.

This kid was absolute steal of the draft…

If they make the playoffs- he should get it!

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