The AB saga is really sad

From NFL star to social media troll.

Rough to watch. Dude needs some help. Zero accountability for anything.

In life, we all have things happen. We all have stories about being a victim in a moment. It’s our responsibility to take care of our own energy and release the stories. Take the lessons WITHOUT the conditioning… Otherwise, we carry the identity of an eternal victim.

“The second you realize that life happens FOR us, not to us…everything changes.”
-Tony Robbins

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All aboarrrr-D!

AB has seriously lost it. I hope for his mental health he doesn’t play football anymore.

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Off the rails on a crazy train

Mayfield trolled him first and is playing terrible football. Mayfield head has gotten too big and he really has accomplished nothing.

AB has lost it, but I don’t blame him for responding to Mayfield. Mayfield is one of the biggest trolls in the NFL.


Yeah. What’s Baker’s excuse?

I don’t think Antonio is well. I don’t know if it’s from head injuries or just an unfortunate psychotic break of some sort but I think it’s pretty apparent (in my completely movie armchair psychologist opinion) that something is amiss upstairs with him.

Baker on the other hand is just an immature brat.


And Rex Ryan was right in my opinion. Things can change but as of now Baker is a one read and improvise QB with marginal athleticism. That’s not going to cut it. If he’s going to ever fulfill his hype he’s going to have to evolve into a surgeon back there.

There is still plenty of time for that to happen but it’s quite apparent that he was lauded with praise far before such praise was deserved.

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There’s a medical term for losing touch with reality… it’s treatable, if you accept the treatment. Maybe AB needs an intervention.


I agree it’s sad, but I don’t think AB is the troll here. Mayfield and the others were taking shots at a dude with an apparent mental illness on social media. AB’s responses were irrational, but I think that’s to be expected from someone in his headspace.

As a human being, Baker sucks. Or at least his public persona portrays that. I’m fine with the cockiness but he has a real penchant for cutting other’s down. I can’t really remember ever seeing that I’m very successful quarterbacks. Someone needs to shake him and just say, “Study, dude. Study!”

The other problem is it seems like he has absolutely no one in his inner circle who calls him on his shit. He must be completely surrounded by yes men, which is extremely bad because someone needs to get through to him that he needs help.


Excellent point. It would seem like there would be someone in his life that he respects enough to listen to. As corny and old fashion as it sounds, I think AB might benefit from spending some time with older men not associated with football, and with nothing to gain from their relationship.

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The only category Mayfield is at the top of is interceptions (#2 actually)
QB rating around 70
He’s on track to be the cliche 2nd year flop

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What are “barbs”?

AB is a true idiot, the Browns might have been one of the teams interested in him…and now, probably not so much.
Any team that’s interested in AB should double-check their heads anyways.

Baker should be smarter and not talk bad about anyone, it will just backlash…especially a headcase like Brown.

How did Weddle get involved though? …he made AB look dumb! LOL
I mean, AB makes himself look dumb enough but Weddle kept it classy and got the best of Brown.

Agree iggy…Mayfield is heading down a dangerous and stupid road. Teams need to bday these idiots off social media and just focus on football

I think he needs therapy. AB can be helped he just hasn’t (in his mind) bottomed yet

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That’s the truth. Bottoming out will occur. There will be a crash.


He us just another privileged duchebag that has been allowed to live outside the rules because he was great at sports

All those guys fall hard when that privilege goes away