The back-up QB battle: Boyle vs. Blough

Looks like Boyle’s path to the number two QB spot took a slight hit in May, according to this article. Keep in mind we promoted Blough from the practice squad last year when Dallas tried to snag him. Hopefully, there’s a clear winner in camp - I’m not a fan of keeping three QB’s on the roster, when neither of the backups are particularly exciting.

Interesting that the article said that Holmes trusted Lance Newmark’s opinion on Boyle, and that other teams were after him. Boyle is intriguing in that he beat out Love. But if I remember correctly, he was very turnover-prone in college. Not sold on either one, but just hoping that one or the other separates themself in camp and preseason.

Does Boyle do magic tricks? I’d like to keep magic tricks on the roster.

yeah, but Blough has an Olympian for a wife. Decisions, decisions.

Blough does card tricks. Didn’t know about the Olympian wife. She’s cute. Goff might want to pipe her. So Blough it is.

Its not a big deal. All you are doing is selecting a 3rd QB to show up in casual clothes rather than a position player. The difference is the QB in casual clothes is alot more valuable to already have on your roster when its time for them to suit up. Some dingbat who has been deactivated half the season that’s suddenly brought up to play special teams for a few weeks isn’t going to make or break the product on the field.

Keep 3…and never overthink it. That’s my opinion.

Great point. OK, next topic…

I am utterly unimpressed from what I’ve seen from Blough albeit in limited action. He seems to be fairly accurate, but man it looked to me like he has a noodle arm. I thought it was a mistake for us to keep him over Jeff Driskel who was 6-4 235 with some wheels and a plus arm. Blough is 6-1 205, with above mentioned noodle arm. But he seems to be Tom Brady in practice from everything we hear. So, I dunno. Boyle seems to have an arm at least, but I’ll leave it to the staff to decide.

Me too. Driskel brought some excitement for the few reps he was in there.

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Can you imagine if we had acquired Trey Lance, with Boyle still being on the roster?

Heads would have been exploding. (Eww)


Not mine. By mid-season, Lance would be starting and we’d be peddling Goff for a first or second, so we’d still be talking about Blough vs. Boyle.

Your Hate for Matt an now Goff has no limit…just because you didn’t get your draft pick you wish bad luck on Lions well done fan???

umm, i think you have the wrong guy, yote. i did get my draft pick. i was fine with sewell parsons or lance. no hate here. all the best to matt and goff.
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I was hoping they would have picked up Mitch, really. He’s on a 1 year deal for $2.5 million. “In 2020, Trubisky appeared in 10 games for the Bears and completed 67 percent of his passes for 2,055 yards, 16 touchdowns and eight interceptions. He also rushed for 195 yards and a touchdown.” It’s very possible that Mitch just needed a change of scenery. Bear’s coach Nagy used to go out of his way to say how good Mitch was, in practice, something the Bill’s have also been commenting on. What did he have for weapons in Chicago, after Robinson not a lot. Neither backup is pushing Goff, likely never will. I think Mitch would have, and competition is a good thing esp at QB.

At least we would have gotten some really good intel between Boyle and Biscuit.

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If she is attending home game will take Blough all day

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it always did seem that Trubisky never got much slack. I’d think given where he is in his career, there’s still some upside…more than Blough or Boyle for a pretty good price as you say.

At this point in time, I really don’t think it matters. If Goff doesn’t pick up the offense, it’s going to be ugly. In the event Goff is injured, neither of these guys inspires me they’re going to be Gus Frerotte, Dave Krieg, etc. Heck, I can dig up Steve DeBerg to hand it off to Swift, because that’s about the abyss we’d be facing.

Personally, I’m hoping Easton Stick becomes available if it comes down to it. Not because of any latent potential, simply because he and Lynn are already familiar with each other.

You totally missed the joke.

Lance … Boyle … exploding. Get it?

Okay, my comedy career is probably over.


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It’s gonna be a

Battle Bloughyole

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