The Brian Daboll bandwagon forms here

From Weaselpuppy’s “Getting a jump on 2021 - Patricia replacement predictions” thread from way back in January.

I said:

49ers D-coordinator and Dearborn Michigan native Robert Saleh. He’s only 40, so it would qualify as one of those young up-and-comer types that the copycat NFL considers the way to go these days.

But if we’re going to do the ping-pong back and forth thing, having picked a defensive coach in Patricia, the next one should be an offensive innovator.

What if I told you the team that was second in total offense behind the Ravens this season wasn’t the Chiefs or the Saints, it was the … Buffalo Bills? With balance, too – the Bills’ finished third in passing offense and fourth in rushing offense. Now name three players on the Bills offense. Exactly.

Their O.C. is Brian Daboll. He’s only 44, but he’s been around the coaching ranks. He was actually an OC to Eric Mangini in Cleveland back in 2009 and 2010 – and those offenses stunk. Then he was OC for Tony Sparano for one year in Miami. Then he went on to the Chiefs, again for one year, under Romeo Crennel. Daboll was then the Patriots for a few years as an offensive assistant and TE coach, and won a Super Bowl while there. Then he became OC for Nick Saban at Alabama, and won a National Championship there. But he left after that to return to the NFL with the Bills.

I just find that diverse experience and impressive results in Buffalo, rather intriguing.

I’ve literally never heard him mentioned as a head coaching candidate, anywhere, so remember me as the one who got his rumor mill started!

A. Funny that Saleh has now become trendy.

B. I stand by both of these as probably my top 2 choices among NFL coordinators, anyway, 10 months later.

C. Watching Daboll call a brilliant game tonight on MNF brought this post back to mind. Great guy to mentor up a new, rookie QB, too. See: Josh Allen.


Incontrovertible proof I am psychic!

Who else could have seen 11 months ago that Patricia was getting fired???

Not Miss Cleo, not Karnak, not John Edwards, not even the Amazing Randi (RIP, missed that one, sorry dude).

Weasel, that’s who.


Incontrovertible seems like a good scrabble weird. You want to know something crazy? I’m forty years old and (somewhat) literate and I’ve never played Scrabble. Not even a single minute.

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The last time I played Scrabble the 7 opening tiles I got spelled “WOOKIES”.

I lost, but I finally got to get it out in whole.

How does scrabble work in Montreal? Is it possible to play it bilingually or is it a Bull Connor kind of thing if you only speak English.

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The French don’t play Scrabble
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I do like Daboll. He schemes really well to get the most out of Allen. That entire coaching staff is phenomenal.

A line forms and a bandwagon boards

Is he bringing Josh Allen with him? If not then pass. A monkey could coach the Bills offense with Allen at QB and be successful. Allen is the 4th best QB in the NFL and is only getting better.


Especially, the HC


Allen isn’t doing this out of thin air, on pure ability. His progression year by year – under Daboll – has been exponential.

As I pointed out in January, it’s a very balanced offense, too, top 5 in both rushing and passing in 2019. Which is interesting, because I don’t think their RBs are elite.

It’s clear that Daboll knows how to put a young QB in positions to succeed, and accentuates his strengths.

You make it sound like he’s doing this with Mahomes or Rodgers. He’s doing it with a QB who looked VERY green two seasons ago.


Yup 100%. Mcdermott is some kind of leader and his team’s are so well coached overall. I heard on tv a few weeks back that they are top ten in sacks with over 30 and 16 people have sacks…Thats all scheme and putting people in positions to succeed. That is fantastic.

If I were Sheila, I’d place a call to the Browns analytics division for a recommendation over the next hire. They identified McDermott as the best choice back in 2016, but instead their ownership hired Hugh Jackson. Two years later when that didn’t work they identified Stefanski as the best option, but John Dorsey hired Freddie Kitchens instead. Looks like they finally got it right the third time.


Wow, that’s crazy. And I agree 100%.

Josh Allen is where is he because he willed himself to get better. He was very good last year and now he is great. Sure, maybe Daboll deserves some credit… but Allen is on another level now and barely could work with Daboll all off season? Sorry… not buying it. He will probably get an opportunity some where in the near future… I just hope it’s not here. I don’t see him as some great leader, or really a great offensive mind.


Another great prime-time showing tonight by Daboll’s offense.

I mean, I am very much a fan. I love how they are coached.

He should be one of our strongest candidates. Especially for his work with Allen. I’d feel much better drafting a QB this year, knowing he was around.

I’d interview him. Why not? He’d need a detailed and solid plan to fix the defense though.

What I’m seeing with Allen under Daboll is similar to what we saw with Stafford under Caldwell. Not exactly the same, but there are similarities.