The Broncos coach is a moron

Why do you trade for Russell Wilson? To have him dump a pass to an RB on 3rd and long? To then run the clock down so your Place Kicker can win with an NFL record-type kick on the road? Brilliant.


He sounds like Lions material. A big pile of Lion material.

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So is the GM……

When Russ goes 7-10 on this team at 34…. And has crazy dead cap til 37… and they have no draft capital.


Wasn’t John Elway fired? This new GM seems worse.

7-10 sounds right. Gino freakin’ Smith goes 22 of 28.
Plus, coach is a moron.

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So, what about this coach now?! :crazy_face:

Horrible coaching decision at the end. But they fumbled twice on the 1 yard line and got 0 points out of it. That was the game. They could have easily won by 10.


Exactly…and SO many runs were J-will situations, where they used Gordon.

Sucks to bee in the AFC…theyre all just playing for 2nd place out there anyway. Doesn’t matter what they do.

Yup. Should’ve won, for sure.

And don’t forget calling your last 2 timeouts while the opponent is in victory formation.


Analytics update.

Historical success rate of 64+ yd FG all time.

2/27 or just shy of 8%

Russ cooking when on 4th and 4-6 yards?

20 of 27…

Frustrated Whats Wrong With You GIF by Steve Harvey TV


From the Official Seattle Seahawks Twitter account. :person_facepalming: :man_facepalming: :woman_facepalming:

I wish I knew how to post a video from twitter, but can’t figure it out.


Whew… there are a LOT of salty former Seahawks taking shots at Russ right now.


Bc he’s a ginormous phony.


He’s a huge waste of money. I mean, he’s gonna help them do better, but they won’t sniff a SB, coming out of that division. Buffalo might not lose a game this year.

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It was an away game in a very hostile environment and the first game of the season. He isn’t a waste of money. He is a big upgrade from what they had before. As for sniffing SB, let’s see how healthy teams stay during this marathon of a season. No one should be talking SB right now because one or two key injuries can destroy a teams chances.

Yup - so true!
What you say about injuries is true…especially if it was josh Allen.

The staff will get to know Russ better and do a better job…though they should know how to use Javonte by now…J-Will would have won that game for them, if they allowed him to.

Wayne Fontes used to take Barry out in goal line & short yardage situations → STUPID

Hope Denver’s staff dos better, cuz they do have some dudes I root for on thier roster…I just don’t see them beating KC playing the way they did last night…or Buffalo, no matter what strategy they use.

They will not beat KC if they continue to play like that. But I am of the belief that they will not continue to play like that.

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I think so too.
If I were coaching in that game, J-Will would have had 25 touches

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Russ is obviously an upgrade Twogloves and Lock…

but there are some concerns that Russ may be on the decline. He is not as movile as he was 5 years ago… which has made it easier to contain in the pocket… which can be a problem at times because of his height. There is a report that several people in the Seahawks front office were relieved that they didn’t give him another big money extension.


It is a long season. Gordon is there to help keep him fresh. However, when victory is on the line, you would think J-Will would be getting the ball in high value touches.

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