The call was right!

5 am…
15 beers in?
The call was correct. 4th and 2. Ball hits Reynolds in the hands.
The deflection/catch of 50 yards doesn’t happen.
The fumble doesn’t happen.
All what if’s, I know.
But blaming MCDC is insane to me. The calls were clearly right! Well, at least the first, and most critical one was corrrect!
And the next 3rd and long, which were converted like Bosses in the first half…
Coaching was awesome. I’ll die on this hill.


Dan made the right calls.

Reynolds’s drop likely cost us the Super Bowl.

And he was chuckling about it.


Agree. The plays were there to be made. Good execution by everyone but the receivers.


What if we went for it on 4th and goal instead of kicking the field goal right before half? We would’ve won 35-34 had we made it.

tHiS iS dAN’s fAuLT!!!

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@Nate , can you check your message box,sent you a message,can you reply

I actually don’t mind the chuckling about it in the time frame. As a professional, you have to be able to put bad plays in the past right away.
Doesn’t mean it wasn’t the most important play ever…

We can agree to disagree on if Campbell should have kicked the FG or not.

He made the right call before Half, however I think he also should have kicked the other 2 FG.

Answering their FG with our own would have put us back up 3 scores with roughly 23 min left.

Love MCDC though. More good than bad with him for sure.

The sting of this loss will only burn more over the next few weeks.

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Tough call:

Badgley from 40-49 had a 77% conversion.

4th and 3 or less, Lions were at 78% for the season.


That’s the SF 3rd and 4th quarters.
If the Lions try the FGs, maybe we have the lead going into the final drive. Maybe.

But what about their (SF) 2nd half suggests they don’t pull it off anyway?

I just can’t fault the HC for trying to maximize possessions. We needed points… more than 3.


Especially when we didn’t see a FG attempt, but we all saw the outcome of the 4th and 2! A good call, to a reliable player, and the ball was IN HIS HANDS!
No hypothetical, we saw it. (With an entire season of correct 4th down calls to back it up)


According to this guy:


Disagree. It was imperative to restore the 3 score lead. It was a 45 yard FG which should be close to automatic even for Badgley.

I’m not playing Mr. Hindsight either because I said exactly the same at the time in the GDT. You can’t chance throwing a lifeline to a struggle Niners team and that missed 4th down did exactly that. My quote in the GDT “I hope this isn’t a turning point”. Indeed it was

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The dude has a career 77% success on kicks from 40-49 in career and had missed 2 XP since Christmas eve. Nothing with him is ‘close to automatic’. That’s why he wasn’t rostered most of the season.


Nah, turning point was the Gibbs Fumble imo

that was really bad, and it put us in the hole.

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Yeah, in the context of the game, it was really massive. If the Lions have a decent drive there, it changes everything. Just unbelievably bad run of events in that 4 minute span.


Disagree again. The momentum was already firmly in the Niners favor. Their defense was juiced up for the first time in the game after the 24-17 drive. You can see that the Lions were in trouble before the Gibbs fumble. 27-10 wouldn’t have allowed that to happen.

In any event, it is what it is. Lions missed a golden opportunity to reach a Superbowl. Who knows if they’ll ever get that chance again. The stars aligned for them this season in so many ways, the road will get tougher now.

Agree that we disagree here, that Fumble was atrocious and was such a massive turning point

can also argue that the Vildor Tip was also the truning point arugably, but that Fumble right when we needed to get momentum back was the worst time for it tbh.

I disagree. He should have kicked. If your kicker can’t make the field goal then that’s on your GM for not drafting or signing a decent one. Had he made it, it puts more pressure on SF especially moving the ball from their own 20.

thing is we were money in those situations most of the time

(like 17 of 21 in 4th to short situations)

he shoudl have tried atleast once, but regardless, you trust your players to make those plays on all 3 sides of the ball, and they all made crucial mistakes and execution errors tonight, along with some bad coaching decision’s, espically on the offense.

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If your WR can’t catch the 4th and 2 catch then that’s on your GM for not drafting or signing a decent WR. Had he caught it, it puts more pressure on SF especially because the Lions still have the ball.

Damn, I guess this is all on Brad Holmes! What a silly way to look at things.

It comes down to execution. Regardless of whether they kicked a FG or went for it on 4th. Either Badgley has to execute or Goff/Reynolds have to. If you’re playing for a spot in the Superbowl, I’ll tell you which option I’m more likely to trust.