The Cap is exploding in 2021

This is why I think the handwringing about making the Slay the highest paid corner in 2020 is stupid.

Either you want him or you don’t but the deal breaker shouldn’t be 2 million a year under a 240M cap.

This is also why I don’t think Chris Jones and most good prime players will be leaving their current teams.

Teams who already have their good players under contract for the next 2-4 years are at a distinct advantage over the teams who have to sign their players this offseason and moving forward.


I couldn’t agree more with everything you said. Thanks for posting! I’ve been wondering how much it would go up and how it would effect player contracts.


I think the big jump projected for next season is in part due to the new CBA. Adding extra players to both the regular roster (53 to 55) and the PS (not sure of the number but thought i heard 16) and the increased min salary for those same players.

Because of this i am sure it will turn out to be a similiar jump and not really give teams that big of a jump. Though i do agree that a couple of million should not stop Slay’s contract.

The cap is increasing 40 million or 20%. The increase in player minimums for an average roster is going to cost 3M per year on average or 1.5%

Increasing the practice squad size and salaries are 200K a year or less than one percent.

2 extra roster spots are going to cost 1.3 million per year or less than one percent.

Even the salary floor is going up.

Paying 31 year old corner 17 million under a 190 million dollar cap is a totally different conversation under a 240-250 million dollar cap

There has never been a jump in percentage increase like this in the history of the sport.

Unfortunately I don’t think it has anything to do with money. I think they would be looking to trade him even if he wasn’t asking for a new deal. MP just can’t deal with strong personalities in his locker room.

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He probably doesn’t mind a strong personality, as long as the person with the strong personality is singing the coaches song. Not a conflicting one. After the new labor agreement is accepted, we’re going to see a whole lot of action. Everyone’s waiting for that.


Yep. They want leaders on the field, not dissenters.

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