The closest you came to ditching this pathetic franchise?

Give me your story, because quite honestly? The closest I’ve come may be this very moment.

I can’t stand this anymore.


When Barry retired I was lost as a football fan. I tried to follow the Titans as a new team. Loved Air McNair and Jevon Kearse. But it never felt right. I didn’t live and die with the wins and losses. I found myself gravitating back to the lions like a heroin addict craving the comfort of a sedated extacy. Hello darkness my old friend…



First of all, that’s an awesome story.

I haven’t even felt compelled to watch a whole lot of NFL product in general this year. I was on fire before the season started, and well into the halfway point. I gave up a lot of non-Lions games for hockey (and would make the same decision every single time; it’s simply a better product) but after the Lions proved to be who they are … I totally lost interest.

I haven’t totally abandoned a Detroit Lions team in a long, long time. And like this? Probably never.

IDK … between seeing SEVERAL of the athletes in the NFL beat women, children, and animals, yet get celebrated, (racist) owners manipulating the services of the cheerleaders, etc etc etc ON TOP of the Lions constantly coming up short (and controversially so, somehow) just gives me a serious sense of disillusionment.

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Yeah, I quit on the NFL long before I quit on the Lions. However, this franchise didn’t make it a hard decision. When’s baseball start?


The whole cheerleader shebang is worthless. Always has been. Bring out scantilly clad ring girls like they do in MMA. Find the ten or twelve hottest and run them on the jumbotron. It is what it is. I played football and when I watch it, I am not watching cheerleaders.

The NFL sold out to the sissies. If there is a big hit, they flag it. They took the bang out of the product a long time ago.

Well, I guess I could blame my father for it, or my visits to Maury’s Bar and grill, which became Dunleavy’s where I met a bunch of the Lions. I may never get over it. Watching the Packers throw the game was painful when that fucking sissy walked out in the second quarter it was obvious what was happening. The entire Packer team looked like they were running at two thirds speed. I think they should be fined the first round selection and moved to the end of every round in the selection order.

I could never leave. Too many years and too much time and effort spent on these idiots.


I think that’s what it will come down to for most of us; the sunk cost fallacy. The Detroit Lions are our own Vietnam, and I keep thinking next year is when all of the time and anguish I’ve wasted on this team will finally pay off. It probably won’t. Charlie is a sneaky and resilient bastard.

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One word. Never!


I see it as a zen meditation. A reflection on the impermanence of the many remote controls I have hurled across the room

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Who is that in your pic?

That’s me. It’s the hat I wear when I shovel snow and scan for bunnies to swoop in and devour

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Not sure what people have issue with, this has been one of the best NFL seasons in the last 5 years or so. Never missed a week, didn’t ever give up on the Lions (although once they lost to Buffalo, I stopped routing for wins).

Never really ditched them, but after 0-16, I really started to wonder if they will ever win anything. So far, that’s held true 10 years later.

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Sixty years running and going on seventy.

When matt millen ran to podium and drafting mike Williams when 5 minutes left on clock

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They certainly did. The second you start trying too hard to protect the product is the second you start to dilute your product. No longer as tasty.

That said, the original football, a glorified brawl on Ivy League Campuses, were probably super p-ssed when they disallowed fighting…

I also disagree with your punishment. If the league creates a benefit from losing, you can’t blame teams for acting accordingly.

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For me it’s when they drafted Ebron.

I very strongly believed that they just blew a chance to have one of the best DLs ever for a bag of fake magic beans.

I wanted out.

Of course, a true fan can never leave. So I stuck with these losers hoping to see wins against GB and division rivals.

I have zero faith in Stafford. Maybe I’m wrong? But that’s how I feel and that’s what the evidence tells me is the case. I’ll be interested to see how we extricate ourselves from that albatross.

Oh, and the Lions will be more interesting to me if they keep Zenner and let him be KJ’s backup. I like the new run game and I want to see more of it. Oh, also I’d love to have a killer pass rush. I liked that in 2014…

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How can you not recognize Buck Rogers riduculous yet cool sidekick, Hawk…Hes like basically Grizzly Adams indian sidekick, but an alien who flies space fighter ships and reminds Buck to quit trying to bang every space hottie from week to week…

So, kind of a frenemy, or at least a 24th century cockblocker wingman…

I watched too much tv as a kid…


As far as when I nearly quit the Lions?

Well, I strongly considered it, after from the back of the War Room I yelled “Brian Calhoun!!”


I had to hide in an air duct for 3 days and then sneak out in Roary’s backup costume, which was a bad call since he had a media function at Chuck E Cheese’s that day…4 hours at Chuck E Cheese in a sweaty costume listening to that damn muzak and all the spoiled kiddos trying to put pizza down my pants, pulling my tail, asking for Christmas presents…

That Day SUCKED.

I’m not a quitter though, so I sold the Roary get up on Ebay and made some bank. The guy picking it up asked me why it smelled like pepperoni and tears though…

I just told him, “Febreeze, buddy. Liquid Gold.”

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I thought it was Bret Michaels or something cheesy/stupid like that.

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0-16…and almost during Lombardi 's trial here.

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